African American Mohawk Hairstyles

The African American Mohawk hairstyle originated from Mohawk Native Americans where male Mohawks shaved both sides of their head while leaving only a strip of hair in the center. Since then, African Americans copied the Mohawk cut and altered it to m

One of the various African American Mohawk hairstyles is the relaxed Mohawk. Most African American women usually go for a relaxed hairstyle. Their natural curls are straightened to make it easy for cutting and styling. You can create a variety of Mohawk hairstyles on straightened hair. One of this variety is to cut the sides of the hair and create a spike or curl at the center strip of the hair.

On the other hand, if you do not want to have your hair cut, you can use gel to slick down the sides of your hair. This will make the strip of the hair in the center to stand out. If you know how to maintain this type of hairstyle properly, you can wear this kind of hair for more than a week.

Afro Mohawk

Among the most popular African American Mohawk hairstyles is the Afro Mohawk or commonly called the Afro-hawk. This hairstyle is ideal for African American natural hair. In fact, this hairstyle has become a trend as a lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing the Afro Mohawk hair. People who want to look different can opt for this hairstyle.

To create this look, cut or shave the sides of your hair closely to the scalp while leaving the center strip of your hair untouched. Since the strip is not cut and the hair is in its natural state, the style would look like an Afro strip in the center of your head. To maintain this look, you need to visit a barbershop when the hair starts to grow.

Braided Mohawk

This type of hairstyle is worn by African American adults and children alike. The braided Mohawk is a temporary hairstyle and allows room for styling and experimenting. Inventiveness is the key to make this style your own. You just need to use your creativity to add a personal touch by using different patterns for the braid.

The hair on the sides is braided using cornrows. The braided sides start from the ear going all the way to the center of the hair. The strip of hair at the center can also be braided or curled depending on your preference. Other people like to keep the center strip loose. These types of African American Mohawk hairstyles can be done even if you have hair extensions. You can have this style for a couple of weeks.

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