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The commission received by the officers of the Australian Army is one that is signed personally by the elected Monarch, who is currently Queen Elizabeth II.
The rank insignia for any officer commissioned in Australia is similar in grade to personnel of the British Army. There is simply the inclusion of a band that contains the word Australia. This is printed right underneath the actual insignia.

Australian Army Rank Grades

The ranks and grades of the Australian Army are categorized as such for the purpose of administration and promotion of personnel.
Apart from this the Australian Army rank grades signify the role as well as position in the Army of a particular military man.
However, it is important to note that the term Rank Grade is not considered an officially recognized term. The following list signifies the ranks from highest level to the lowest level.

The Australian Army General Officer Ranks

1. Field Marshal is the rank that is conferred during wartime only and is not appointed during peace time. A historical analysis of awarding this rank reveals that Sir Thomas Blamey is the only known Australian native who served in the Australian Army as an officer and was conferred with this rank. The Duke of Edinburgh who is Prince Philip currently has inthe Australian Army the rank of Field Marshal. However, he does not have any active role in the structural command of the Australian Army.
2. General awarded in peace time, this Australian Army rank is awarded to the military personnel in the category of Chief of the Defense Force.
3. Lieutenant General is a rank held by army officers. Held by the Chief of Army when Army officers reach the position Vice Chief of the Defense Force, the Chief of Joint Operations and Chief of Capability Development.
4. Major General is one of the senior  Officer Ranks.
5. Brigadier rank in the Australian Army is similar to the British Army Brigadier General.
6. Colonel is a rank awarded to the Field Grade Officers.
7. Lieutenant Colonel
8. Major

The Grade Officer Ranks in Australian Army are as follows:

1. Captain
2. Lieutenant
3. Second Lieutenant
4. Officer Trainee Rank
5. Staff Cadet
6. Officer Cadet

As far as the cadet rank insignia is concerned, the SCDT and OCDT are considered equivalent rank titles. Personnel who are enrolled at the Australian Defense Force Academy are awarded the rank of Officer Cadet. When they enter the Royal Military College, Duntroon  their rank is altered to Staff Cadet. The same rank is also awarded to the personnel who are under training as Reserve Officers while inducted in different University Regiments. They are required to display the 10mm wide white stripe, which is placed on a shoulder hard pad or the DPCU and is considered the insignia for their rank.

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