Australian Gold Tanning Lotion

Require Australian Gold tanning lotion? Learn more about the leading tanning notions Australian Gold brand…

Australian Gold tanning lotions have been leading the way for more than 20 years in the bronzing and tanning market. This brand is known for its high quality bronzing power and superior skincare, which is blended into these products. Giving high-quality results and unbeatable texture to the finished look the Australian Gold tanning lotions are world-famous.

Leading Brands in the Australian Gold Series

The number one seller in the tanning industry is the Australian Gold tanning lotion known as the Accelerator. Staying at the forefront of the competition is the next brand known as DermaDark, which has resulted in Australian Gold tanning lotion becoming a world-renowned brand that is famous with tanning aficionados.

When it comes to indoor tanning Australian Gold has the right product for each person. With a range of products in the grand series of lotions every tanner can get a different kind of product based on the personal preference of the user. From the consistency of the lotion to the price as well as the tan duration requirement and lifestyle of the person, Australian Gold tanning lotion caters to every aspect.

Scope of Australian Gold Tanning Lotion

Not only can a tanner get an instant yet dark and even tan, the variety of tanning lotions actually allows the person to get a gradual base building color or use some tan extending products.

Australian Gold Tanning Products

Its high quality gels, as well as its tanning lotions, are very effective and give the desired result every time. The brand is known for its use of high quality ingredients, research into the latest tanning technology along with incorporating fabulous fragrances to overcome the previous chemical aroma of tanning lotions. The entire experience of using these products gives you a good quality tan that is long-lasting and natural looking.

Advantages of Using Tanning Products

The use of tanning lotion itself gives you the dark and rich colour while preventing exposure to sun. Not only does excessive sun damage the skin and cause ageing, it is considered to be one of the leading causes of skin cancer. Good tanning products prevent the need to expose you to harmful free radicals and UV rays.

Products for Different Skin Types

The right product will work effectively if you know your skin type. Not only will you be able to keep your skin moisturized but also continue to avoid sunburn and the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.  To check the kind of skin type a person has and match the product to it the brand refer to a hair and eye colour analysis.

Once you’ve established your skin type, look at which products are right for you. Take a look at how long you think you will be out in the sun. Then match up the columns with your skin type to choose a recommended product.

One can check how easily the skin tans after exposure to skin and then choose an SPF or sun protection factor that ranges from 4 to 50. Four would be the lowest degree for people who do not tan easily while 50 is the highest degree for people who suffer from sunburn very easily.

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