Famous Spanish Clothing Brands

Several Spanish clothing brands are popular around the world, catering to the cosmopolitan fashion needs, ranging from classical ready-mades to the hippest options. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Spanish clothing brands respond to the fashion demands of various age groups yet manifest a youthful outlook on fashion. They comprise the latest trends, fabrics, patterns and accessories, ranging from sporty casuals to subtle evening wear.  Some of the top clothing brands are listed below.


– With an international appeal, this brand is known for being up-to-date with new designs, including replicas of current catwalk styles. The product line covers an extensive collection, ranging from casuals to suits and evening wears. Zara has 500 shops across 30 countries.


– This brand belongs to the same group (Inditex) that created Zara. It is a prestigious international brand, which is famous for its range of women’s wear.


– This is a high-street brand of women’s clothing comprising a comprehensive range of jeans wear, casual wear and evening wear. It also includes BSK, which consists of hot trends for young girls, with designs inspired by rock-stars and music icons. It also covers men’s wear and boys’ wear.


– This brand covers contemporary women’s wear that is produced in-house with trademark prints. The uniqueness of the brand pertains to the detailing, beadwork, textures and embroidery. It reflects the traditional Bohemian style.


– It is a women’s fashion brand known for its graceful ready-to-wear designs. The clothing range includes luxurious silks and crepes that contribute to its classical look.


– It is a brand of El Corte Ingle, the biggest departmental store chain in Spain. It is popular for its comfortable yet fashionable collection of clothes and a broad assortment of fashion accessories for women.


– This brand is more of fun fashion that caters to the tastes of teenage girls and young women. Covering the hottest trends in fashion, it features unique prints and relates fashion to youthfulness and individual expression.


– This brand caters to the ever-changing fashion needs of the modern lot. It consists of affordable urban style clothing and accessories for both men and women.


– It is a world-renowned brand that is available in several countries, and belongs to Inditex group. This brand includes a wide array of high-end casual wear for both men and women. It is known for its innovative fabric blends and subtle textures. Though expensive, its products are of high quality and provide the best comfort.

Pull & Bear

– This brand is basically urban clothing for youngsters. It mixes international trends, such as music and artistic trends to produce attractive merchandise.


– This brand is known around the world for its comfortable and modern clothing of outstanding quality. It covers both men’s and women’s wear, including a range of accessories and fragrances.

Custo Barcelona

– This brand is known for its innovative, colorful and striking clothes that make the wearer noticeable. It is a leading brand in Spain.

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