Australian Gold Tanning Products

Buying an Australian Gold tanning product? Learn more about the vast range of sun protection offered by Australian Gold tanning products…

When it comes to choosing a tanning lotion, an Australian Gold tanning product offers everything under the sun for proper sun protection. From the state-of-the-art tanning lamp to sun sprays and body lotions for children and adults, the Australian Gold brand range has everything for your every need.

The sunless lotion and bronzing powders are perhaps the leading Australian Gold tanning products in the market and their convenience is the main reason for their popularity.

Australian Gold Tanning Products – Indoor Tanning Lamps

The popular Wolff System lamp is an indoor tanning lamp that offers full performance and durability. It features a unique blend of both UVB phosphors and UVA phosphors, which follows quality control standards for one hundred percent accuracy during its useful life. It is perfect for indoor tanning beds. The Australian Gold tanning lamp range offers the highest quality of equipment. Offering a variation of UVA and UVB blends the range includes the Bronzing Sun Lamps, Dark Tan Lamps, Diamond Sun Lamps, Velocity Lamps and many others.

Australian Gold Tanning Products

There are different gel, tanning lotion and spray formulations that worked perfectly on the skin. Using the latest technology in tanning combined with wonderful ingredients that do not harm the skin and fragrances that mask the chemical odor, these products by Australian Gold are perfect for use by every member of the family.

The products create a deep and dark tan that can be achieved without exposing the skin to UVA and UVB rays. Apart from this it prevents exposure to free radicals, which accelerates the ageing of skin and still makes it possible to achieve a long-lasting tan. The Australian Gold tanning products give the skin a bronzed look or help you enhance the natural tan to give the skin a healthy colour.

If you have skin that can tan quickly and safely then you should simply use the SPF 4 spray gel. You can stay in the sun up to 4 times longer than usual while using this product. The SPF four range comes in the form of a lotion and a spray gel along with a special lotion that has a bronzer in it.

Australian Gold Tanning Products for Children and Kids

Australian Gold tanning products have a vast range to choose from. From the bronzer, the sunless lotion to a kids lotion you can enjoy as well as the 30+ lotion baby formula. The most interesting aspect of the baby formula is that it is waterproof and offers 30 times more protection in the sun while the baby is also in the water. Not only is it safe for the skin of a baby, it also protects a baby’s skin. Similarly the 30+ skin lotion kids formula is also one of the Australian Gold tanning products, which makes sure that toddlers and teens are also protected when having fun in the sun.

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