1996 Silver American Eagle Dollar ngc ms 69

Interested in the 1996 silver American eagle dollar ngc ms 69? Find out what makes the 1996 American Eagle coin special…

Owning an American eagle dollar coin is a matter of great pride for many coin collectors. The 1996 silver American eagle dollar ngc ms 69 is one of the most highly revered coins amongst the collection.

There are a number of things about the 1996 silver American eagle dollar ngc ms 69 that make it special. First of all it is a genuine legal tender. Struck by the United States Mint it serves as the official legal tender silver bullion coin. The minting of silver bullion coins has been going on in the United States continuously since 1986. Over the years many limited editions of these coins have been produced and the 1996 version of the coins are amongst the highly sought after ones.

The exquisite design featuring the famous walking liberty of the 1900’s adds to the value of the 1996 American eagle. This design was developed by Adolph Weinman. The symbol of the walking liberty has an innate meaning which is suggestive of the original 13 colonies. You will also find the coin to be stamped with the United States Government’s guarantee. The guarantee ensures that each coin is one troy fine silver with a face value of one dollar.

This is a proof silver coin which ensures that it is the highest quality possible. The process with which these coins are manufactured is very different from ordinary US silver coins. It is printed on special burnished planks which are manually fitted with special dies. In order for the softly frosted image to properly come on to the surface of the coin they are repeatedly stamped. This gives it a unique mirror like feel above which the image floats.

The 1996 American eagle silver coin is available in a special packaging which is regulated by the government. This includes a coin capsule which keeps the coin safe from developing scratches. This is placed inside an original box along with which you will get a Certificate of Authenticity from the government. The approximate diameter of the box is 1.6 inches in diameter. The product weighs in at an average of 1 oz.

Close observation of the 1996 American silver eagle coin will reveal the initials of Weinman, the man behind the development of the Walking Liberty stamped on the surface of the coin. The exact place of the initials is on the hem of Lady Liberty’s gown. The obverse side also features some inscriptions including ‘liberty’ and ‘in God we trust’.

The fact that the coin is counted amongst the American Eagle collection hints at the fact that it has the symbol of the heraldic shielded eagle on its reverse side. John M. Mercanti is credited with being the man behind the development of this unique image which is found on every American Eagle coin.

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