Australian Kelpie in Black and Tan

Do you want to pet an Australian Kelpie in black or tan? Would you like to know about the physical traits of the Kelpie dog from Australia like its characteristic colors of black and tan? Read our guide for facts & information…

The Australian Kelpie in black and tan is a working dog breed that is perfect for droving and mustering cattle. It is not unusual to see the medium sized dog breed in a variety of colors herding cattle throughout Australia. It is also very popular as a working dog in other countries and many of these dogs are exported to other nations.

The Australian kelpie in black and tan is bred into two distinct breeds. One which is particularly suitable as a working dog and does not have the attractive physical attributes of the show breed while the other has the attractive physical characteristics suitable for a show dog and hence kelpies can also be seen in dog shows the world over.

The Australian kelpie has a distinct coat type which puts the breed in a select group. The breed is available in a variety of coloration. The working kelpie; for instance, is available in three coat types, the rough, smooth and short with almost every color available in each coat type from black to tan and red to cream. While it is also not uncommon to see kelpies with a white blaze on the chest; this physical trait is particularly seen on tan and red kelpies. Some Australian kelpies in black and tan also have a double coat which adds to their look; however, the coat sheds in spring in colder countries.

The kelpie seldom stands taller than 55 cm with a weight in the range of 14 to 32 kilograms. The ears of the dog are pricked but it is also not unusual to see some dogs with flopped ears in the breed. The tail will usually have the same color as the coat and can be smooth or bushy. If your have bought a working kelpie regardless of the dogs appearance, its ability to work as a herding dog will remain unchanged.

The best part about owning a working kelpie is that the breed can be bought cheap, yet you simply cannot underestimate the dogs’ ability to take on the workload of his owners on his shoulders. A few of these kelpies can save the owner several hundred bucks which would have otherwise been spent on numerous farming hands. A good working kelpie is known to be a leading dog that prevents the herd from straying away.

This is a natural instinct that is very important in a good herding dog. The kelpies are known to drive a large herd of animals over a great distance in the most extreme climates. The breed can work several herd animals such as pigs, sheep, cows, poultry, goat and other domestic livestock. One of the signature and rather amusing moves made by the breed is when the kelpie hops onto the back of a goat and goes from one side of the flock to the other walking across the tops of the animals. A working kelpie is a versatile breed  that is a good disciplinarian and can break a jam.

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