Australian National Botanic Gardens

Visiting the famous Australia Botanic Garden facilities? Learn more about the amazing promotion of flora at National Botanic Gardens…

The Australian National Botanic Gardens have been established for the study and promotion of the endemic flora in the Australian landscape. This facility focuses on growing and analyzing different types of flora.

Scientific Approach for Plant Preservation

Following a very scientific approach it has actually established native plants from across the Australian landscape, with the collection  closely monitored while being displayed in an aesthetically beautiful manner.

Visitors can enjoy the visual display while being educated about the different native flora of Australia. In the meantime botanists and scientists concentrate on the research and classification of the different plants. There is a variety of preserved plants specimens in the suitably designed herbarium, which matches closely the collection of living specimens.

Focus on Preserving Threatened Flora

Even the plants that are threatened in the wild are preserved and cultivated in the Australian National Botanical Gardens. Therefore working on multiple levels the Australian National Botanic Gardens actually prevents the extinction of different species. By cultivating the threatened plants in this natural environment the Botanical Gardens ensure the creation of hardy cultivars. These are later reintroduced into their natural habitats.

Smart Horticulture at the Australian National Botanic Gardens

The Australia National Botanical Gardens focus on smart horticulture practices, which have resulted in the conservation of water and maximize the use of water. There is a special ‘Botanic Boffin’ who provides advice and videos for maintaining amazing landscaping and Flora in the local Australian terrain. Focusing on climate change and research there are different programs that work towards establishing the best practices to manage the quality of the cultivars and preserve the plants.

The weekly plant collection focuses on a different kind of flower each week. Depending on the season and time a particular flowering plant becomes the focus of the entire Botanical Gardens and maximum information and research information is focused on that particular plant for the week. This section of the National Australian Botanic Garden is known as ‘In flower this week’.

Visiting the Australian National Botanic Gardens

There are specific opening times for the Gardens and visitors can explore the entire location. There is special access provided for disabled people. The website as well as its customer services offer directions on how to get to the facility, with parking details also being made available.

Rules for Visitors

The gardens must be maintained as they are found, but visitors are encouraged to take pictures of the plants or even draw them if desired. In fact it is permitted to interact with the animals while picnicking on the lawn and enjoying the flowers. However, it is understood that none of the plants and animals will be endangered or damaged in any way. It is essential to imbue a sense of responsibility among adults and children to maintain the living qualities of the flora and fauna at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. The first point of contact is the visitor information center. It has the botanical bookshop and is the orientation center for visitors looking to spend the day at the Australian National Botanic Garden facility.

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