Danish Modern Beds

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Danish modern furniture is lauded for its perfect balance of form and function. It is characterized by clean lines and the use of high quality pristine wood. Danish modern beds in particular are highly sought after by homeowners from around the world.

The sleek design and clean lines employed in the construction of Danish modern beds have kept them in fashion since mid-20th century. The fact that they are extremely practical and at the same time can blend in together with contemporary aesthetics gives them a timeless appeal. Today you will find that many top furniture designers are actually taking inspiration from the Danish style of making beds and other furniture for the purpose of creating fashionable and useful furniture.

Amongst the different kinds of wood used for creating Danish beds is teak and solid walnut. Traditionally Danish furniture manufacturers love to accentuate their beds with gorgeous wood grain. This brings out the class in their furniture.

Danish modern beds are unmatched in terms of their practicality. You’ll find many of these designs to have excellent storage compartments which makes them the perfect choice for homes with limited storage capacity. You’ll find under bed drawers and other storage compartments intelligently fitted into the construction of the bed.

Another innovative element in Danish beds is the presence of nightstands that are attached to the bed. You’ll find these nightstands to be strategically placed next to the headboard. The creative design with focus on practicality can also be noticed with the use of a single leg which allows drawers to pass by without causing any hindrances.

In general the basic bed frames are made out of solid wood. The choice of wood rests upon personal preferences but as mentioned above the most commonly used wood is walnut and teak. You’ll find the drawers and other storage compartments on the beds to be made out of solid wood as well. However the bottom of the drawers are made using Baltic birch in order to make them lightweight and more accessible. The glides used for the drawers are also made out of solid walnut and in most cases you find that the drawers have been made in such a way that they can slide out of either side of the bed. This gives you extreme flexibility and allows you to set your room according to your preferences for the purpose of easy cleaning.

It is this unique combination of form and function that contributes to the popularity of Danish modern beds. By focusing on practicality and maintaining a sleek and simple design these beds have a universal appeal and are preferred by people from all over the globe.

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