Costa Rica Beach Front Property

Looking to buy some beachfront real estate in Costa Rica? Want to know where the best investment property can be found in Costa Rica? Our guide to beachfront property gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The beaches of Costa Rica are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists from the US and all over the world make their way to Costa Rica to get the chance to relax on one of Costa Rica’s many golden beaches and enjoy the supremely beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.  Located in Central America, Costa Rica has extensive shorelines on both its eastern and western borders. To the west of Costa Rica lies the great Pacific Ocean while to the east the shores of the Atlantic can be found.

 Costa Rica Beach Property

In addition to its immensely beautiful natural scenery which includes rainforests, hills and volcanoes as well as beaches, Costa Rica is also a good choice for property investment because of political reasons. Unlike many other countries in the surrounding region, Costa Rica is an island of democratic stability. Costa Rica has a fully democratic government that is pro business. This means you shouldn’t have any problems as a foreigner trying to invest and make some money through buying beachfront property in Costa Rica. In fact, foreign investment is something the government of Costa Rica actively tries to encourage and in the past several incentive schemes have been introduced to make the process of foreign real estate investment in Costa Rica easier.

Costa Rica Property Financing

The previous few years have seen a steady and healthy increase in real estate prices in Costa Rica. The average increase in real estate values per year in some areas of Costa Rica has been as much as 20%. Any real estate investor worth their salt knows that such high levels of return constitute a rare and highly lucrative opportunity. Even for investors wishing to make a profit over the long term, there is always the option of renting out our property to tourists for a few years before finally selling your property to make a profit.

Costa Rica Property Scams

Currently there are several real estate agents operating in Costa Rica who aim to serve foreign property investors and it’s possible to make contact with such agents via the internet and they will be able to send you information on many properties that are on their listings. However, for the sake of safety it is highly recommended that you travel to Costa Rica personally as there is no substitute for being able to see your prospective real estate investment personally before buying. You may even be able to pocket quite a large saving by cutting out the middle men and approaching the seller directly if you are in Costa Rica.

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