Antique China Patterns

Antique China items are made by different manufacturers and are differentiated by unique emblems or the mark on them. Each item has beautiful designs and patterns etched or painted on them which are also sometimes referred to as Antique China patter

The patterns or designs which are rare fetch more money than the common designs, though common antique china patterns actually take much more skill and dedication to prepare. This is because for a collector, the quality of an antique item being unique is very important.

Excellent craftsmen were handpicked and assigned for this job. They would display their talent on china items. They used special food grade porcelain paints. The most common colors that can be seen are red and blue and green. The most sought after pattern all over the world were made by the companies Roslyn and Haviland respectively.

Some of the ancient Chinese patterns made on china that dates back to the 12th century are so astounding that it is hard to believe that they were made by hand. The most common patterns that can be seen are designs of flowers, leaves and intertwined weed. Many custom made china patterns comprise of portraits of famous people. Roslyn even dedicated one of their patterns to Queen Elizabeth II. Some can be seen with eye pleasing sceneries as well.

Products Seen With China Patterns

Almost all the items made from china come with beautiful patterns. Especially the sides of bowls, vases, saucers, ginger jars etc are covered with beautiful designs. Most of the saucers have very minutely detailed patterns. If you are lucky enough to own one of these items, you should also know how to maintain them. You have to keep in mind that even a small scratch on your antique china item can ruin the beauty of the pattern. You should handle them very delicately and clean them with only warm water and soft detergent. After cleaning, you should use a soft cloth to wipe it, this ensures the longevity.


If you are interested in owning a few china items and want to display these beautiful and impressive patterns in your showcase, you are in luck. These items with antique china patterns are still on sale and are available in various antique shops. Some are really inexpensive considering their intricacy thus you can even flaunt some as your dinnerware. If you have something specific in mind, you can look it up on the internet and place an order at one of the websites which deal with such products.

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