Chinese Medicine for Energy

Interested in Chinese medicine for energy? Read on to get an overview of some of the most popularly used herbal medicines for promoting energy.

If you are feeling low on energy then know that Chinese medicine has a collection of herbs that can be used to boost energy in the body. These herbs are used in combination to fight the effects of fatigue, stress, tiredness or for the purpose of promoting overall health.

Some of the most popular Chinese herbs for energy are:

Jujube fruit

The Chinese consider this special herb to be a full body tonic. The use of this fruit helps to battle fatigue, restlessness and debility. The powerful herb is commonly used in herbal medicines prepared for the purpose of boosting energy. It is rich with calcium, iron, complex sugars, phosphorus and various vitamins including A, B2 and C. Jujube fruit helps to nourish the blood and improve blood circulation while giving the body a jolt of energy.

Rhodiola rosea

This powerful herb has been used for a variety of purposes over the years in China. It is known for its power to help combat depression, strengthen the nervous system, enhance the immune system, revive memory, and promote weight loss and load up the body with energy that can help you to engage in regular exercise. By giving the body a boost of energy it also enhances the sexual function of the body.


This multi purpose herb is used in a wide variety of Chinese medicines. It is considered to be a complete body tonic that enhances the energy of the body. It helps to resolve stagnating blood and increases the blood flow to regions where it is lacking. This balances the energies in the body promoting overall wellness. Gingko is also a powerful antioxidant and is usually used in medicines that help to combat fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression.


Ginseng is considered to be the safest way to boost energy and ensure vitality and overall health. It has been known to reduce stress and increase the body’s endurance. Ginseng is a potent source of ginsenosides which have many health benefits. Many women make use of this herb for the purpose of getting relief from hot flashes and night sweats.


Astralagus is another popular Chinese herb that is known for its powers to strengthen the immune system and make the body resistant to develop allergies and infections. The herb is used in combination with other herbs like codonopsis and ginseng in order to boost energy and increase the body’s endurance.


This amazing herb is used to treat various health problems related to the liver, kidney, skin and eyes. It has also been used to treat diabetes, anxiety, blood pressure, tuberculosis and insomnia. Wolfberry shrubs help to strengthen the immune system and increase longevity by promoting overall health. It often accompanies other herbs in formulas prepared for the purpose of boosting energy.

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