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Australian Photojournalist focuses their efforts on addressing the issue of human rights. Since the December 10, 1948 declaration of human rights was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, there has been a lot of focus on identifying human rights violations.

Showcasing Human Rights Abuse through Australian Photojournalists

In order to bring the issues back into the forefront and commemorate this historical occasion, the leading online and print documentary magazine has dedicated its issue to stories from the globe. The hard hitting stories focus on the use of rape as a weapon in ethnic cleansing in Africa. Other gut wrenching stories are those of post- war life changes and challenges faced by the military personnel as they deal with the aftermath of being brutally maimed for life in a senseless war that is all about eliminating the weak.

Australian PhotoJournalist famed ‘Picturing Human Rights’

The famed annual magazine the Australian PhotoJournalist is known for its focus on dedicating time and resources towards highlighting the abuse of human rights on a global level. The entire series of the 272 page full-colour book covers 19 stories from some of the world’s most dangerous areas, which are known for their human rights violations.

The series is entitled ‘Picturing Human Rights’ and is a pictorial testimony to the human rights violation as captured by some of the dedicated and renowned journalist from across the globe.

Aim of the Australian Photojournalists Clique

Published exclusively as an annual journal, The Australian PhotoJournalist constantly challenges the orthodox nature of the society, which has become a global industry.

The selective editorial board members are graduates and also enrolled in postgraduate programs at the esteemed Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. They are considered emerging journalists with massive potential to influence worldviews and change the mindset of simple citizens who can have a global impact. The aim of the publication is to provide a platform to different journalists who are influential and contribute through both text and photographs. It also forms the base for both academic professionals and writers to showcase their work and shake off the tired notions that most journalists take on as inherent necessities of journalism.

The landmark edition titled Picturing Human Rights aims to open the eyes of the world and allow citizens of free countries to reflect on the imperfections prevalent in the 21st century and how they can be addressed and neutralized.

Australian Photojournalist over the Years

The first issue was launched in the year 1994 and the Australian Photojournalist has seen a constant improvement and development in its content over successive editions. From the structure and design to the print quality and the content there have been great changes, and an amazing response and acceptance from the local and international thinking community.

These talented individuals do not simply want to highlight their talent, but instead use it to make a global difference. Drawing a critical eye on the global mundane and unacceptable practices prevalent in mass media and journalism, this non-profit publication has a volunteer editorial board. Their content is donated by esteemed members of the journalism and mass media community making it exclusive and highly impactful.

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