Wholesale Fabric Stores In Southern California

Searching for Wholesale Fabric Stores in Southern California? Learn more about the range of Southern California wholesale fabric stores from Orange County to Los Angeles…

For good wholesale fabric stores in Southern California there are great deals available in Los Angeles and Orange County. It is a surprise for most consumers to think that Orange County carries a display of amazing discounted fabric. The discounted stores also tend to have a larger variety than the traditional fabric stores in the big cities. The main idea is to know where and how to search for the right fabric.

Up market Stores for Wholesale Fabrics

There are an amazing number of reputable fabric stores and discount wholesale fabric stores available under the Yahoo Yellow Pages for Southern California. This will allow you to find a store located in close proximity to you. At the JoAnn’s Fabric or Michael’s Craft stores you can get different ideas and have your projects stitched at the same location.

There are a lot of small communities that have independent shops and a great selection of fabrics. These are at wholesale prices in Orange County and different up market areas in Southern California.

Fabric for Home Projects

For fabric to reupholster your furniture or new sewing projects for home decoration, the Big Y Yardage Outlet provides a great opportunity for high-quality fabric. The outlet is located on the 764 N. Tustin Avenue in Orange city.

Types Of Fabrics In Warehouse Stores

You can find headboards, upholstery fabrics, and curtains, as well as Roman shades and their accessories like fringes and tie backs. It also has a range of regular stitching fabric. However, the best selection is for large home sewing projects that will be worked on the residential sewing machine.

Warehouse Style Fabric Stores Across Southern California

For sewing projects and clothes you can get a fabulous collection of polyester, cotton, tulle and silk at the M & L fabrics store. The fabric store is based on a huge warehouse, and you may take the whole day to choose fabrics from the rows of aisles at the store.

The trendy fabric can start at as little as eight dollars a yard, making it fabulous for home renovation projects. The prices are similar to the discounted versions of the large names like JoAnn’s. But the difference is that you can find unique patterns that are not commonly available in the large retailer outlets.

Craft, Beads and Fabric Suppliers

For projects at the house you can get amazing beads and craft materials. You can also get fabrics for stitching clothes, upholstery, curtains, table runners or bedding.

A notion store known as filmbiz.com gives wardrobe and costume accessories, fabric and beads for sale. It a very good place to buy material for clothing projects that need to be stitched at home.

You can get an amazing supply of sewing and jewelry making equipment in Downtown L.A. Throughout Southern California there’s a wide variety of bead stores, most of which are listed on jewelrysource.com. For example, Bead Source LA has its retail outlet along with the huge catalog online. There is an entire jewelry district spread out in downtown Los Angeles. If you scout Hill and Olive streets especially near the 7th Avenue, you can find amazing shops.

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