Australian Western Star Trucks

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Australian Western Star Trucks are manufactured by Western Star Trucks, company that had its beginnings in the White Motor Corporation. The enterprise is one of the oldest automobile manufacturing units in Australia and it was started in 1916. The dependability and the quality of the products manufactured by the company were not only universally appreciated but soon these attributes turned the company into a household name synonymous with high quality trucks. By the end of World War I, the company had manufactured an astounding 18,000 trucks a stunning number given the time. Their performance sealed their reputation for durability and outstanding reliability during the war.

The first truck from the line of White Western Star rolled off the production lines in Canada in 1967 and it quickly acquired a reputation for admirable reliability and performance even in the demanding logging applications in the rugged terrain of the Pacific Northwest.
The company made a late entry in the Australian market in 1983 with its main assembly line located in Brisbane. Very soon the parent North American company was acquired by Western Star Trucks Australia and soon the company’s stocks were floated on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Even though the American division was subsequently purchased by Daimler Chrysler, the Australian division is indigenously owned

The 40 years spent in North America since the introduction of Western Star Trucks have been known for their versatility, innovation and the integrity of the product that has not changed despite the numerous changes in the management of the company. The trucks have not only been used on western shores but also in diverse markets such as the oil fields of the Middle East and are also used for military operations in Kuwait. Australian Western Star Trucks have steadfastly held on to the reputation if being the manufacturers  of world class heavy duty transportation machinery which are high dependable and custom crafted to suit diverse terrains such as the rugged outback of Australia to the mountains of Indonesia.

In 2000, Australian Western Star Trucks further spread their operations by acquiring the distribution rights for all MAN products in Australian and New Zealand and subsequently they created an exclusive line of MAN automotive imports. As a result of this venture Australian Western Star Trucks and MAN Automotive imports forged an alliance with sales and after sales support. Sales and after sales support is provided by 65 dealer outlets each dedicated to the maintenance of the connectivity of the product in the Australian and Asia Pacific markets. Australian Western Star Trucks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Transpacific Industries Group Ltd.

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