Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

Are you considering buying a Border collie Australian shepherd mix but would like to get some information on the breed before taking on the commitment? Then read our article for facts and information…

One of the common questions that most dog trainers have to answer is about the dog breed that is easiest to train. And while many give a straight forward answer and conclude the German shepherd or Border collie is the best, in reality the answer to the question is quite complicated. Also how well your dog takes to training will depend on the type of training and whether the chores that you intend for him suit his natural abilities. Don’t expect your dog to magically train itself with style and finesse. A well trained dog is one part the dog’s effort and three part the trainers or the owners effort in training his pet. Remember like all other things in life the more you practice the better will be the results.

Many pet owners tend to dismiss this line of reasoning; however it happens to be the honest unadulterated truth of dog training. The only way your dog will get trained is if you take the effort to train him; it’s as simple as that. In essence it doesn’t really matter what breed your dog is or how smart he is; good training will need time, patience and commitment from your side.

All dog breed have their distinctive personalities, then again all dogs will have their moment in the sun when they will be stubborn and distracted; however the most well behaved dogs belong to owners who practice the most with their pets. Having said this, there are many dog breeds that are easy to train and it would be hard to hand over the crown to one but the below breeds can be trained with relative ease.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are not only incredibly cute and they are also very smart. These dogs learn commands quickly and are happy to obey them. The temperament of this breed is very stable and they rarely get defensive.

Border Collie

The Australian Border Collie is one of the most intelligent dogs that you can ever pet. This breed is a firecracker of energy but this upsurge of energy can often result in a physical and mental disruptive tendency. They need to be stimulated mentally and physically. The breed has a ton of energy and as long as you can keep them occupied they will be joy to have around.

Border collie Australian Shepherd mix

As you can imagine a combination of the traits of these two breeds can give you a dog that is energetic and takes well to training but remember that the Border Collie or to that matter Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix is certainly not a breed that you should go for if you tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle because these dogs need a lot of physical activity.

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