Kathy Ireland Bedding

Interested in buying some Kathy Ireland bedding? Check out the best of this season’s bed sheets & comforters from Kathy Ireland…

The collection of Kathy Ireland bedding consists of some very impressive bedding comforter sets being offered at affordable prices. The versatile styles are tailor made to compliment specific themes. The designer bedding sets from Kathy Ireland have made it a household name and a trend setter in interior décor.

Manhattan Bedding By Kathy Ireland

This particular bedding set by Kathy Ireland captures the essence of elegance with simplicity. Contemporary black stripe borders can be seen set against a pristine white. Incorporating this bedding set into your bedroom will give it an ultra clean modern look. The sleek minimalistic approach gives you a dash of big city urban lifestyle.

You will be able to find this set in King and Queen sizes. The typical set consists of a comforter, two pillow shams, three European pillow shams, a decorative bolster pillow, two square decorator pillows and a matching bed skirt. You can pick up this Kathy Ireland bedding set for a best price at $399.

Asian Enchantment Bedding By Kathy Ireland

Decorate your bed with a flavor of the far east with this Kathy Ireland bedding set. Drawing definite inspirations from traditional Asian aesthetics the bedding is based on a brown gold base fabric that gives it a taste of richness. An abstract twig motive can be seen spread all over the base fabric. The idea behind the design is to emulate Asian brushed ink artwork. This unique Asian Enchantment set is available for $499 in its king size version. The Queen size bedding set is likely to be around a hundred dollars cheaper.

Chesapeake Bedding By Kathy Ireland

This particular bedding set is a very comfortable and casual modern looking bedding ensemble. If your room has modern furniture then this bedding set will work wonders to accentuate your bedroom. The bedding set is adorned with a navy blue and taupe nautical stripe pattern. This is further accentuated by a sandy beige. You will be able to find the Chesapeake set in twin, full size, king, queen and daybed sizes. Although the different sizes are priced accordingly this is one of the more affordable yet great looking bedding sets from the company.

City Circles Brown Bedding By Kathy Ireland

You will get a taste of contemporary style and sophistication with this Kathy Ireland bedding set. Incorporating this design into your room will create a unique inviting ambiance which is very eye catchy. The bedding set features classic textured brown fabric that is complimented by designer green accented pillows creating a sober yet stylish environment in your bedroom. The king size version of this bedding set will cost you around $499.

Coral Bay Bedding By Kathy Ireland

As the name suggests this bedding set creates a soothing yet sophisticated environment in your bedroom. With this bedding set on your bed you will become the center of attraction in your room. The Coral Bay bedding set is ideal for contemporary rooms. The pattern is based around a silhouetted woodland painted in rich mahogany brown set against a sandy beige. This impressive bedding set is being sold at $349.

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