Fuerteventura Volcano Walk

Fuerteventura volcano walk is an interesting experience through spectacular ‘lavascapes’ and amazing sceneries created by volcanic activity several millennia ago. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Fuerteventura is a fabulous wonder of the Canary Archipelago in Spain. Popularly called as the tranquil island, Fuerteventura is not only an amazing place for a quiet holiday but also a splendid place for inspiring sceneries and plenty of open-air activities. For nature lovers, the island offers a marvelous range of virgin wildernesses to explore. Sometimes, walking is the only way to get a glimpse of these incredible sights. Many tour operators offer guided walks to explore the natural sights and discover some interesting places that would otherwise be missed.

Fuerteventura’s amazing volcanic landscape

Though there is no active volcano in Fuerteventura, its topology gives plenty of evidence of previous volcanic presence on the island. In fact, the stunning landscape of the island is attributed to weathering from volcanic activity.  The elongated stretch of Fuerteventura is largely covered by lava flows and cinder cones. The northern and central regions of the island are covered by the youngest lava flows and have sparse vegetation.  Cinder cones are prevalent in the Lobos Island, Northern Malpais and Malpais de la Arena located on the northern edge of the island. On the other hand, the southern part has smaller volcanic zones as seen in Pajara, Malpais Chico, Malpais de Jacomar and Malpais Grande.

Guided walks in Fuerteventura

Guided walks are an interesting way to experience a different side of the Canary Islands, including Fuerteventura. It is among the lesser developed islands of the archipelago and hence, road transport is relatively limited. Visitors, whose interests are beyond the sunny and sandy beaches, can opt for walking tours that involve a deeper exploration. Glancing through the windows of cars and coaches are not enough to experience some of the genuine beauty of the island. Organized walks are led by expert tour leaders who take visitors to volcanic remains, caverns and wildernesses.

Volcano walks in Fuerteventura

Though there has been no volcanic activity in Fuerteventura for more than five millennia, the sceneries created by the lava flows still remain. The landscape can be compared to the surface of mars, particularly during summer, when the rocks warm up, rendering a red appearance to mountains. A volcano walk usually begins at the village of Lajares and leads to Corralejo, traversing through several volcanic sites including ‘The Hornitos’. The walk ends at a cavern where visitors can get refreshments and also listen to an audio about the island’s customs, culture, flora and fauna.

Fuerteventura volcano walk provides an unforgettable experience through the landscape formed by millions of years of weathering of volcanic remains. Visitors can even walk around the whole island, reach up the peak of caldera and get dramatic views of the Canary Islands.

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