Spain sports guide: Surfing in Spain

Are you interested in doing some surfing in Spain? Do you want to know when & where to go surfing in Spain? Here we’ve given you the facts & information you’ll want to know about surfing in Spain

The most popular water sports in Spain are probably sailing and scuba diving. However, Spain is one of the best places in Europe to go surfing. Every year, surfing enthusiasts from all over Europe flock to the Atlantic Coast of Spain to do some surfing.

Surfing Season

The best season for surfing in Spain is in the winter. Surfing season in Spain generally begins from September and runs through to April. It is in between these months that the best waves are present for surfing in Spain. The downside is that the weather and the water in Spain during these months are also cold. Anyone thinking about doing some surfing in Spain during these months should make sure they have a full wet suit. Although the best waves for surfing appear in Spain during the winter, surfing in Spain is an activity that runs all year. Many people still go surfing in Spain during the summer and although the waves aren’t as good, the weather in Spain is a lot warmer. This means that if you are going surfing in Spain during the summer you should be ok wearing only shorts or a short wetsuit.

Surfing Spots

The best surfing spots in Spain are located in the north west of the country on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Mundaka is generally believed to be the best surfing spot in Spain and thousands of surfers flock here every year. Apart from surfing, Mundaka is just a small town in Spain located between Bilbao and San Sebastian. Although it is beautiful, there is not much to do in Mundaka apart from surfing and food and accommodation is often quite expensive.

The South-West of Spain is probably the second best surfing destination in Spain after the west coast. Waves are not as big in this part of Spain, although they do provide some good breaks for surfing especially during the winter months.

Wind Surfing

The best place to go wind surfing in Spain is the straits of Gibraltar. This 10km stretch of water is often known as the ‘wind tunnel’ to wind surfers in Spain and is perfect for wind surfing. The good thing is that unlike waves and surfing, the wind in this part of Spain is constant all year round meaning you can enjoy some wind surfing in Spain whenever you want. Gibraltar has several shops that hire wind surfing equipment.

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