Hagstrom Guitars Australia

Want to buy Hagstrom Guitars from Australia? Read on for facts and info on Australian Hagstrom guitars…

Hagstrom guitars were originally launched by the Swedish-based company of the same name in the year 1958. These funky guitars were initially manufactured with a cover of sparkling pearly celluloid, which was considered a very unique use of material and was also utilized in the accordion produced by the same manufacturer.

Legendry Hagrstom Guitars Australia

As time passed the company expanded its product range to incorporate hollow body guitars, which included electric basses, the eight strings (which is the legendary guitar) as well as the flagship models known as the Super Swede and the Swede, along with the well-known Viking and Jimmy guitar. Most of the classical and acoustic guitars produced by the company were manufactured and developed in the early 70s. By 1983 the company had stopped production of these guitars and those that were available on the market became collector’s items overnight.

Australian-manufactured Hagstrom guitars include the new Ultralux, Vintage, and Hagstrom Select series. They follow the same quality control features and standards established by the original manufacturer and retain the legendary position in the market. There is only one source used and manufacturing concept employed, which ensures that each of the products complies with the standards that have achieved international acclaim.

Quality Control for Hagstrom Guitars Australia

The tone and quality is considered to be the topmost priority by the manufacturer and each piece is tested to exacting specifications. Not only does company founder, Karl Erik Hagstrom, approve the design but also the wood is acquired from United States of America while all the hardware is purchased from selected and reputable Korean and American suppliers. The pickups are manufactured under the watchful eye of the manufacturer in the Korean subsidiaries and associated manufacturing facilities.

Even though the machines that are utilized to manufacture the current line of Hagstrom guitars are in Australia, it is no wonder that most of them look and sound identical to the original pieces. Most of the machine heads are back on the guitars even though they are smaller and have more functional buttons.
The bridges, Hagstrom logo and tailpieces have been retained from the original designs. With the fusion of expertise and quality it is rather surprising that these guitars are priced very economically as they are.

Innovations by the Australian Hagstrom Guitars Manufacturer

The latest electric Hagstrom guitars in Australia are made with the use of the patented and corporate owned H-Expander truss rod. This provides the right amount of tension at both ends and run through the length of the neck.

The lightweight alloy is rigid and formed out of the truss rod. It is responsible for releasing a very low action while retaining a thin neck. That was the main reason that made the Hagstrom guitars internationally recognized as the fastest playing guitars in the world.

Musicians Favoring Australian Hagstrom guitars

Some of the leading musicians across the globe like Incubated from the UK play on the Hagstrom for concerts and recordings. Other artists include guitarists from the German band Le Freak and Alex Hurst from the UK based band known as The Hicks. The talented UK based guitarist Will Sergeant and Russian musician Pavel Dodonov both are diehard fans of the Hagstrom.

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