Italeri Australian Trucks

Do you want to know more about the Italeri Australian truck? Then read our informative and factual guide…

Truckers who work in the great Australian Outback have to endure the rugged terrain, unsealed roads and grueling distances. The harsh usage calls for special modifications of the rigs to handle the rugged conditions. Generally Outback Australian trucks come equipped with bull bars, special dust filters, heavy duty wheels, a sheet of wire mesh to protect the windscreen, long range fuel tanks, different typed of driving lights and special air conditioning. These outback trucks are generally used to transport bulk goods and the road trains can have up to 3 trailers making the total length of the vehicle about 31 meters.

The plastic models of Italeri Australian trucks are the exact replica of the real thing. Just like the real trucks, these, models are available in a variety of models complete with the features and the shape of the specific truck type.

For instance, the Italeri Australian trucks that replicate the Western Star models are made from plastic pieces molded in the colors of the real thing such as black, green, light gray, brown, chrome and even some clear parts. Another popular model of Italeri Australian trucks is the replica of trucks from Peterbilt, A US truck manufacturer acclaimed for their heavy hauler trucks. The Italeri Australian truck models that replicate the Peterbilt models are equipped with a spacious sleeper cab and a Caterpillar engine of 350 to 500 hp.

Then there are the 1/24 scale plastic models from Italeri Australian trucks of Scania R143. A certain model is ideal for children over the age of ten years. The features of this product include very detailed interiors, plastic pieces in tan, gray, black and blue that are molded together. Clear pieces are used for windshields and windows and the opening hood reveals a very detailed depiction of the diesel engine.

The 1/24 model of the Scania T142 M Roadrunner is another Italeri Australian truck kit that is a hit with kids.  The parts of this model are white, tan, black and gray and are molded like the other models from Italeri Australian trucks. There are also some chrome pieces that give the model a realistic look. The black rubber-like treaded tires add to the entire authentic appeal of the product.

If you are looking for the prefect gift for a boy of ten years or more then the Italeri Australian trucks would be a perfect choice. These realistic looking models are a great buy at affordable prices and your child will enjoy these lifelike models for years to come.

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