Multiculturalism in Australia

Multiculturalism in Australia

Interested in multiculturalism in Australia? Learn how Australian multiculturalism has influenced the society and is managed on a national and government level…

The term Multiculturalism refers to the combination of different customs, cultures and arts. These originate from the variety of races and groups which become part of an indigenous society.

The term multiculturalism is actually derived from the two Latin words; ‘Multus’ which means many and ‘Cultura’ which translates into cultivation. Therefore it can relate to racial groups with their culture merging into a nation or different groups from different nations which harmoniously blend their customs and culture with each other while living together.

Interestingly enough Australian multiculturalism is a result of groups from more than hundred countries. Settlers from different countries moved into the Australian region for a better life and started blending in with the existing population. Over the years their cultural practices were acted and introduced in mainstream Australian culture. With its encompassing and tolerant nature, the country of Australia has become a completely multicultural country. There is a seamless amalgamation of different ethnic groups, cultures and races with people hailing from different parts of the world.

The government level policy for managing culture has resulted in the control of society and the cultures that have evolved in the region. This law actually controls the precept and maintains that each region and ethnic group has a right to follow its own cultural norms.

History of Australian Multiculturalism

When you look at the history of multiculturalism in Australia it is a very interesting background. People often wondered if it actually exists and evolved on its own or whether it is simply a form of acknowledgement from the government.

Origins of Settlers in Multicultural Australia

Multiculturalism is usually seen as a compromise between the natives and foreign settler groups in any region. The theory of multiculturalism speaks about the Aboriginal people who were the natives and had to live with the whites who arrived as an opportunistic group to make a better life in Australia.

This led to a big change in their native population resulting in a mixture of the Aborigines withwhites. Some came for a better life for their families in Australia while others came from England to open and expand farm areas. The next branch of settlers came into Australia when gold was discovered in the region. Some gold diggers struck it lucky and stayed behind while bringing over their families. Settlers also came to escape war, political persecution and trouble in their own countries.

Australian Immigration and Multiculturalism

The legal status of a settler is important for both the country and the resident. Without an acceptable legal status any individual residing in a foreign country will have problems and will not be able to make progress.

An immigration policy is essential to ensure stability of citizens as well as to implement the right practices and ensure a country’s stability. Not only does the immigration policy control the exit and entry of immigrants into a country it also gives legal access to different citizen rights, which are awarded to citizens only.

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