Plant Life In Australian Rainforest

Want to know more about plant life in the rainforests of Australia? Would you like to learn about the complex ecosystem and the plant life that are nestled in the Australian rainforests? Read our informative and factual guide…

Some of the most common plant species found in the Australian rainforests include:

Xaccias: This is a large family of almost 660 varied species; however, they do have a common characteristic; the distinct yellow coloring. Even though the plants of the different sub species vary in size greatly; they all flower during the end of winter and early spring.

The largest plant of the species is the Blackwood Wattle, a very popular soft wood from Australian Blackwood forest; it is found in the eastern and southern parts of the country. The most common plant of the Arcacias species is the Golden Wattle which is found in the dry and hot climatic conditions of South Eastern Australia.

The plant gives the country its floral emblem. The most common type of Arcacia observed inland is the Mulga Wattle; this is one of the hardwood species of Australia. It was primarily used to make weaponry by the aborigine tribes of Australia unlike the Blackwood Wattle which immediately made its way into the carpentry workshops of the early settlers.

The second in line to the Wattle is the Banksia with an astounding 76 sub species of which 75 are found all across the country. South Western Australia is home to the greatest range of the species while there are also smaller forests of the Banksias found in the Eastern parts of the country. Banksias are not seen in the rainforests of the country; the species can survive climatic adversities and are known to thrive even in arid climates. The Banksia trees were used for their sweet nectar by the aborigine tribes.

Boab: This species is native to Western Australia and Kimberley region; the plant has a very distinctive look that sets it apart from the other trees and it is usually found in the rocky areas of the country. The branches are root like and held by the thick trunk while the roots can reach surprisingly deep, up to 23 meters in the ground. The plant is small as compared to some of the other tress found in the country.

The Bunya Pine: This plant is native to Queensland in Australia; the rainforests around Brisbane offers an ideal environment for the species to thrive. The Bunya Pine is an impressive and large tree with a straight trunk that can grow up to a height of 5 meters. The leaves are prickly and the tree has male pine cones and the female pine cones which can weigh up to 10 kgs. The leaves were used as food by the aborigines while the settlers used them to make hats.

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