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Interested in joining Rush Australia? Read on for facts and info on Hardrush and Rush Australia the popular mailing list for music tracks…

Rush Australia is one of the leading online music mailing lists in Australia. It features various artists and offers more than 100 great tracks. It is possible to get the latest news and information by joining the music mailing list known as Hardrush.

The basic concept of Rush Australia is a compilation of high-class Aussie Indy favorites in the category of Contemporary Christian pop, hip-hop and rock music.

Track Listings on Rush Australia

You can find the track titled Everybody by Iron + Clay, Give It All Up by singers Trina and Stacey, Inflight’s track titled Beautiful along with Family Harmony by music band Basic. Also featured are songs like One In A Million by the famous singer Eric Ossebaar as well as the track by Hey Jeronimo titled Calling Home.

A beautiful single by Aliki is also part of the play list on Rush Australia and is entitled In the Fire. Fans of Squeaker can enjoy the hit single by that musician In Your Love as well as Live Again by Wone.

Featured on the music listing is a collection of singles like Stirred Not Shaken by Deb Fung, Beautiful Day by singer and songwriter Michelle Gibson, Nothing Measures Up by Priscilla A. and Contagious by EP, among others.

Featured Musicians on Rush Australia

Considered one of the most comprehensive listings by fans Rush Australia features hip-hop and pop rock music, which includes the genre of Australian contemporary Christian music.

The artists featured on the listing are extremely talented and always listed at the top of the charts. Hailing from all regions of Australia, from the mainland’s as well as other territories, the Christian rock and hip-hop musicians truly have left an indelible mark on their genre of music.

With outstanding talent one of the leading touring soloists who is popular all over Queensland is vocalist Aliki. With a wonderful video and two individual CDs released with her music, she is one of the leading musicians featured on the Australian Hardrush Music website.

A Sydney-based indie band called Anonymous Gift is popular for its live rendition of retro style 60′s music and truly does justice to its category.

Beautiful harmonies and the best music by Boardman pay tribute to the finesse and high quality of musical notes that have originated from the region of Riverina in Australia.

Deb Fung who was originally based in Melbourne is now established as a class act in Sydney and performs beautifully in both the folk-rock and rock categories.

EP aka Endless Praise is one of the leading R&B groups based out of Sydney and continued to tour extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia and Latin America.
One of the highly regarded male performers Eric Ossebaar is famous for his contribution to the Australian Christian music category. The singer and songwriter is considered one in a million and is an award-winning performer who is esteemed and renowned across the country.

The dynamic Sydney-based music band known as Hey Jeronimo, as well as the Melbourne-based top stadium rock band Inflight, are considered top-class musicians across Australia and are featured extensively on the Rush Australia website.

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