Noritake Stoneware China

Interested in buying Noritake China? Find out what this legendary Japanese chinaware company has to offer before you buy…

Chinaware is not just fine crockery that you use for dining purposes. It is something worth exhibiting. This is all the more true when it comes to Noritake chinaware. With a legacy of over a hundred years in the chinaware production business the Japan based company has produced a plethora of exquisite patterns and designs for world class chinaware.

Elegant Dining- Bone Chinaware

One of the things that contribute to making Noritake chinaware special is that the company does not solely stick with porcelain. The bone china category is a selection of the finest designs made in bone china. Alsatia for example is one of the most popular bone china productions by the company. The set features blue and white patterns on the rim giving it a classic touch. Barrymore is another special bone china product painted with a beautiful pink and purple floral pattern on opposite sides. Evening Majesty is another bone china product with its royal blue and gold graphics truly worth exploring.

Elegant Dining- Ivory Chinaware

This is another dimension in which Noritake has ventured over the years. The collection features fine ivory china products decorated in some brilliant patterns and traditional styles. The Ardmore Gold collection for example is one of the all time classic designs. It features a simple gold banding going round the edges of the baroque style plates. Centura Blue on the other hand is a more modern take on classic ivory china ware. With a soft blue rim and a silver mica finish this set has been tailored to appeal to the people of today. Green accents on the inside further accentuate the set’s appearance. Contrella is full of richness with its gold and platinum bandings artistically etched on the plates.

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