Toy Australian Shepherds

Looking for Toy Australian shepherds? Learn more about the miniature dog known as the Australian Toy Shepherd…

The dogs are known to have a good work ethic and great energy. The miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd was developed in Australia to improve the breed of mini dogs. Breeders have spent a lot of time in planning the breed and improving it, but it is not a work done for commercial gain. The litter of good breeds comes only once or twice a year. If the breeder works on the right bloodlines then there is hardly any money made in the activity especially if they follow ethical practices.

Unfortunately every year the dog population of stray dogs increases and they are destroyed. The main reason for this large population is careless breeding. The dogs that are not required are destroyed.

Ethical breeders sell their puppies on a Spray and Neuter Contract, which is strictly enforced. The Toy Australian Shepherd is bred for both show lines as well as working lines. Both are registered separately and are housebroken before being sent off to new owners for a loving and caring home.

History of the Toy Australian Shepherd

It is noteworthy that the early ancestors of the present-day Toy Australian Shepherd could possibly have come from continental Europe with the Basque shepherds when they moved to North America.

In the contemporary Berger des Pyréneés you can still find the colour phase of the blue merle. Similarly the origin of the name seems to arise from the Basques settlements in Australia where a lot of sheep were bred by the settlers. Even though the route is unconfirmed it is well known that the Australian Shepherd had entered America by the end of the 19th century. Its qualities were recognized by the ranch owners and it was utilized to herd sheep, cattle, goats and other livestock along with poultry.

During the 1960s the Toy Australian Shepherd was created. A California-based dog enthusiast liked the size of the Australian Shepherd and acquired some dogs from the local rodeo. Working with the vet she started breeding to preserve the trait of the size in the new breed. Using the bloodline of the Californian Australian Shepherd the aim was to produce litters of dogs that ranged from only 13 to 14 inches tall. These subsequently resulted in the name of miniature or Toy Australian Shepherds.

Newcomers in the breeding field as well as Australian Shepherd breeders soon noticed the versatility of this compact sized dog. They went on to research the bloodline and started educating breeders in order to diversify the gene pool and also concentrate on improving the conformation as well as class of the Toy Australian shepherds. The many traits that were preserved for this dog include intelligence, herding instinct as well as its drive and energy. This dog needs to be kept busy and occupied with different activities as it is enthusiastic and determined to conduct some form of challenging, yet necessary task.

Characteristics of the small Toy Aussie place it as a small and energetic dog with a maximum height of 18 inches and maximum weight of 40 pound. It is reserved towards strangers but very enthusiastic at home and in the field. Since they are very intelligent it is important to train them. They make good guard dogs as well as companions. So it becomes essential to focus on the socialization of these dogs in their early days.

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