Zrce Beach Croatia

If you are going on holiday in Croatia and love beaches buff and parties, then a visit to the Zrce beach should be on top of your list. Read our guide for facts and information…

Zrce is a long pebbled beach belonging to the north eastern part of the island of Pag, which is the fifth largest in the Adriatic Sea. It is located near the town of Novalija and is in a cove exactly opposite the town of Pag.

Party at Zrce

Zrce beach is known as the best and ultimate party beach in Croatia. The beach is a popular hangout among the locals and tourists as well. It is ideal for those believe in partying till the wee hours and those who love to dance. The beach clubs are open all the time throughout summer.  The following are the most popular beach clubs of zrce.

Aquarius: is one that is well equipped with hangouts, restaurants and bars. The pool is the main attraction where the dance takes place. It also offers aerobics, hosts concerts, bubble and theme parties where local and international DJs play the best mixes.

Papaya: has an exotic theme which also has restaurants, bars, a pool with a water slide and Jacuzzi. In addition it has a special VIP area where after parties are held, others include cocktail and foam parties.

Kalypso: is a sports bar where in addition to the regular events, fast food restaurants and cocktails they offer sand volley, badminton and darts as well.

Camping In Zrce

It is surrounded by woods, but many paths lead directly to the beach. There is a parking lot directly in front and it is easily accessible via cars and shuttle buses that route from Novalija to Zrce. Also finding great food at Zrce beach is never a problem as both local and international cuisines are widely available.

The beach is equipped with a lot of facilities that help children, new and experienced swimmers. Among the many protective measures are first aids, life guards and lifesaving facilities. Other amenities include gym, phones, showers, drinking water, rental facilities and special consideration for the disabled. Also there are separate zones for the children and beginners.

Canoes, motorboats, paddle boats, speed boats and windsurfing boats are available. Special courses for water skiing and windsurfing are also available.

For those who do not enjoy too much partying, there are still day time activities that are suitable for all age groups. Camping is a great alternative for families visiting Zrce beach. It is near the camp Strasko where activities are conducted especially for children. The beach is also marked with a blue flag that is a tourism award which represents that Zrce is one of the best beaches.

Zrce Accommodation

There are many three and four star hotels that you can book in Novalija to reach the beach quickly. Pansion Comforts Bok, Barbati Pag, Hotel Boskinac are among the favorites and are close by to Zrce beach.

So before you confirm you itinerary make sure to include Zrce beach for a memorable and fun stay.

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