Indian Corset Designs

Want an idea for Indian corset designs? Read ahead to create your own Indian corset design or simply learn to embellish a ready made one…

Indian Corset Designs are available in two basic forms the under bust corset and the over bust corset. Traditionally a corset was used as an inner wear item to create the illusion of a waist in slender or hefty women across the world. However it has evolved as a significantly used outer wear garment.

The under bust corset functions as a wide belt that runs across the torso. It creates an interesting silhouette which draws the attention of the eye to a shapely figure. The over bust corset functions as a complete blouse and may have sleeves attached to it or be sleeveless.

Indian Corset Evolution

In recent decades Indian fashion has been promoted to a great degree in Europe and America. The traditional clothing in those regions like the skirt, blouse, shirt and corsets have been created out of Indian fabrics and embellished with Indian designs.

After gaining popularity with the Western world, these modern designs have come full circle and been incorporated into the Indian fashion scene on a local level. It is commonly seen that the traditional sari has an innovative and new style of blouse matching the latest trends on the western cat walk.

Innovative Indian designers have picked up Western fashion trends and incorporated them into mainstream Indian fashion. One such introduction is the corset which is used as a top on Western wear as well as the traditional Indian sari.

Different Techniques Utilized To Create Indian Corset Design

It is difficult to construct the traditional corset but when you get the basic design right you can actually embellish it with embroidery, beads or sequins. Using a traditional Indian design on the corset will allow you to create an under bust corset that you can use as a focal point of a traditional Indian suit.

The Indian corset design is built on the rich and luxurious kind of fabrics like velvet, lace and heavy silk which can be tailored to give the fitted and sleek effect required by the corset. Creating this piece is a detailed task and becomes more complicated if you are working on embroidery and want to create the best finish possible in terms of the details.

The structure of the corset is managed with boning channels which can be created out of a contrasting fabric. Indian corset designs can be replicated on your basic blouse like corset that you purchase from the market. You can draft your own patterns and then start embroidering on the corset.

You will have to cut out the corset and then start stitching from the center outwards on all the non-edge pieces to create channels of twill tape. After this you can either stitch boning channels in the front or alternatively use the busks where required. The edges are then basted and stitched to the next panel ensuring that the lining is on the outside, the center is made by a strong fabric that keeps the strength and shape of the corset followed by the fashionable and luxurious fabric right on the top.

The boning channels have to be stitched through all three layers without a visible seam on the top. Once the construction is ready you can check the embroidered fabric for stray thread or beads and trim these for a neat look.

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