Training Australian Shepherds

Training Australian Shepherd dogs? Learn more about Aussie Shepherd training techniques from across the globe…

One of the most intelligent and hard-working dogs is known as the Australian Shepherd. They are bred in California and other parts of the world because they are very agile and good to use as herding dogs. As a natural trait, the Australian Shepherd is inclined to manage different levels of challenging tasks and to possess a good work ethic.

The dog makes an ideal pet for someone with an energetic lifestyle and inclination towards training an Australian Shepherd, while maintaining an upper hand in the relationship. The dog is very well suited to active and energetic owners. However, training an Australian Shepherd is quite a challenging task. Therefore it is essential that amateur canine lovers do not start off their relationship with a pet Australian Shepherd unaware of this.

If you do not have prior experience with canine psychology and how to communicate with them then it can be quite a challenge. And failure can result from trying to work with Australian Shepherds without a proper training technique. It is essential to have a vast experience with dog behaviors and ample knowledge of communications and psychology.
Basic Facts about the Australian Shepherd
The Australian Shepherd has excessive energy and continually requires challenging tasks to keep it busy. In order to release this energy they can indulge in mischievous behavior, which can be destructive. If it does not have enough to do it will become obsessive and bark continuously.

These active dogs love running and walking so they require lots of exercise and vigorous romps on a daily basis. Being very intelligent they demand challenging training tactics. Australian Shepherd training should include fly ball, herding tasks that can be accomplished through different training programs in the city or perhaps enrolling in obedience work and agility training.

All these aspects will help mold the Australian Shepherd into a well-trained canine that is perfect as an energetic yet well-managed house pet. The Australian Shepherd training program should include behavior control because this is a working dog. If the dog is not socialized at a young age it either becomes very shy around strangers or strangely snappy and aggressive.

The dog should be thoroughly socialized from a very young age so that the wariness and cautious nature of a herding dog is suppressed in the family pet. A great deal of continuous training for Australian shepherds is required to negate this tendency and redirect it.

When considering Australian Shepherd training programs it is important to realize that this dog is very loyal and will develop very strong ties to its owner. Extremely affectionate and playful, the dog has issues when it is separated and separation anxiety can be difficult for both the owner and dog to manage.

Therefore, the dog should have family members around him and not be alone for more than a few hours a day. The Australian Shepherd is not an outdoor dog that can survive in the yard without company. Therefore, it is not suited for a bachelor who goes off to work leaving the dog behind. It requires a full-time family around.

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