Used Machinery Merchants in Australia

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There is a wide variety and range of products for different accessories available from used machinery merchants in Australian markets. From the 21 inch bore available at 3,920Australian dollars, to the electric cabinet air cooler in full steel for 7,672 Australian dollars, you can find the exact specifications for different accessories and machinery.

The Australian used machinery merchants provide different industrial tools and accessories to the manufacturing and infrastructure development industries of Australia and the world.

With a high degree of investment in infrastructure, most of this machinery is purchased or developed for utilization in different projects in Australia. Once the project is completed and the machinery has no further use in the local market, a tender is floated for its sale in the local or international market.

Variety of Used Machinery

As far as machine accessories are concerned it is possible to get the linear scale feed back of top-quality configuration for both X and Z two axis applications. Another popular machine is the Chucks 4 Jaw, which is available in impeccable condition. It is possible to acquire a 32 inch all steel oil thermal control device for headstock lubrication for a price of 9,240 Australian dollars.

Apart from that a 36-inch spindle bore crafted in pure steel and available in thickness of 135mm retails generally for 10,460 Australian dollars. For those interested in the built-in style of a rotating tailstock quill, it can be acquired with the specification of all steel construction and the 40 inch device is available for $11,984 from used machinery merchants in Australia.

The highly coveted electromechanical turrets are generally available from used machinery merchants in Australia for 8 or 12 positions and are crafted in all steel with a general and 45 inches and can be purchased for  $13,552 Australian.

The much sought after Baruffaldi TB-320 machinery for SS as well as the Baruffaldi TB-400 four for SA is also available at a length of 50 inches and made out of pure steel. Used machinery merchants in Australia are known to retail the machine for $15,120 Australian.

Specifications of Used Machinery

For a high-quality Wickman 1″ bar machine including the tooling setup, the basic machine features include the facility to change tools in one second. The stable machine is highly coveted because it ensures immediate disposal of the chips in a convenient manner due to the configuration of the slant bed at 60°. There is a very powerful spindle motor that gives off a very high torque at low speeds, which make it ideal for heavy duty machining.

There is careful consideration for safety while operating the machine because there are fully enclosed splash guards to maintain the safety of the bed, which is crafted out of Meehanite cast iron. The tailstock is programmable so it ensures a very convenient operation of the machinery. Backlash free transmission of high-quality precision ball screw has been built into the equipment as well.

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