Regional Celebration Food in France

Do you want to cook some regional French food for a celebration? Do you want to known what regional food they eat if France for celebrations? Here we’ve provided interesting facts & information about regional food in France.
Food in France

The varied geography of France and its large size ensure that there is plenty of variation between regional foods in France. The different climates in France’s major regions have a large effect on the foods of different regions in France.

For example, in the south of France where it is sunny, the regional food of that part of France makes heavy use of olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. In the north, where it is colder and the majority of land consists mainly of pastures, dairy products feature more heavily in northern regional food in France.

When discussing regional food in France there are generally five major regional foods. These are the foods of Normandy, Burgandy, Perigord, Lyon and the food of Provence.

Normandy Regional Celebration Food in France

The regional food in Normandy in France is famed for its rich local dairy produce. Indeed, the majority of milk and cheese and milk consumed in France come from Normandy. The most famous cheese from this region of France is Camembert which has been produced in this region of France for 1000 years. Other famous cheeses from this northern region of France include Neufchatel and Livarot.

Most regional food from Normandy is cooked in thick creamy sauces which are made from cream and butter. These sauces can be used to complement meat, poultry of fish dishes from this region in France. Other regional foods from Normandy in France are pate and tripe.

Tripe a la mode de Caen, a particular regional favorite eaten whether there’s a celebration or not, consists of tripe with ox trotters slow cooked in a clay pot with vegetables and herbs.

Rouen in Normandy, is the place to go if you want to sample regional food from France that uses ducks. The regional food in this part of France makes use of duck blood to produce sauces, which is why ducks in this region of France are choked so as to keep the blood in.

The best regional seafood in Normandy France can be tasted in Trouville and Honfleur. On the menu here are lobsters, prawns, scallops, oysters, mussels as well as fish. A regional specialty in this part of France is creamy mussel soup

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