VFS Australia Procedures

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VFS Australia is responsible for assisting foreign nationals from different parts of the world to apply for visas to Australia. It operates under the regulation of the Commonwealth of Australia. The public has the opportunity to lodge their visa application with VFS Australia’s nearest center.

Although VFS already had its centers set up in many different regions across the world, among the most recent regional additions are India and Nepal. In order to provide the public with even more convenience, visa applications can now be directly sent to the VFS Application Centre through their courier services. It is, however, important to obtain full details of postal applications by visiting their official website and checking the information available there under the “Postal Applications” link.  It is extremely important to submit forms that have been properly completed along with all the required documentation.

Another important aspect to understand is that in no way are the legal ramifications of the visa applications affected by the new arrangement in that visa applications are being accepted by the Australian Visa Application Centre. Similarly, this does not have any impact on the decision-making process whatsoever. The Australian High Commission still maintains the same rights and procedures when it comes to granting visas to the country.

The visa and immigration office at the Australian High Commission assesses and decides all the applications. This process is conducted independently for every region, however the legislation and policies pertaining to Australian immigration are maintained centrally. It is important to keep in mind that the VFS Application Centre staff members in any region are not official employees of the Australian government. That means they do not possess any authority over assessing or deciding upon the applications that they receive on behalf of the Australian High Commission.

The total range of services provided by the VFS Australia includes the collection of visa applications, the issuing of visa application charges and returning of the passports to the applicants. The entire range of operations and services conducted by VFS are subject to the guidelines issued by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Part of the monetary charges includes a non-refundable fee, which may be paid in the form of cash or demand draft issued in favor of “VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd”. Personal cheques are not accepted for the payment of this fee. Individuals interested in utilizing the services of VFS Australia should make an updated inquiry into the payment procedures prior to submitting an application as they are subject to frequent changes. The best way to keep one’s self updated regarding this or any other aspect associated with applying for Australian visas is to log on to the official website and check out the updated section. Usually any vital changes are highlighted on the home page so as to make them easily identifiable. In case you do not find the website to be offering you comprehensive information or you have any further questions that you would like to ask, you can call the closest VFS centre and have your queries answered there.

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