French Sculptors

Want to learn more about French sculptors? Read on for facts and info on some of the most prominent French Sculptors in history…

Over the years the country of France has proved itself to be a breeding ground for some of the best known artists of the world. French sculptors in particular have gained worldwide recognition for the explicit carvings in various mediums taking upon diverse themes.

Different kind of sculpture flourished in France through the ages. Every age has its own master French sculptor who was known as the best sculptor of his time. Some of the most prominent French sculptors are as follows.

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi

This legend of a French sculptor was born in 1834 and lived up to 1904. He came to prominence in his home country because of his impressive larger-than-life patriotic sculptures that were meant to glorify French nationalism. Without a doubt Auguste is the most popular French sculptor in history because of his famous Statue of Liberty that was gifted to the United States as a token of friendship between the two countries.

Antoine Coysevox

Born in 1640 Coysevox belongs to a much older period but was regarded as being amongst the leading French sculptors of his time. The bulk of his artwork was created during the later half of King Louis XIV’s reign. He is most notably known for creating marvelous sculptures that were used to adorn the Palace of Versailles. Since he was working for the ruling authority at that time his work greatly reflects the aesthetic sense of the King. His sculptures were rich and ornamental with the feel of glamour and grandeur.

Jean Antoine Houdon

There is perhaps no other French sculptor that managed to achieve the recognition that Jean Antoine Houdon did during the 1700s. His marvelous works earned him the title of being the greatest European sculptor of his time. He was primarily known for being a portrait sculptor and the bulk of his work consists of images of popular men and women from Europe as well as the United States. The sculptor was gifted with the ability to capture the essence of the character of his subject which sets his work apart. He would work with marble, terra-cotta, plaster and even bronze. The amazing control he had over such varied mediums set him apart from the sculptors of his time.

Auguste Rodin

Auguste is most often considered to be the greatest sculptors of his era. Born in 1840 Auguste lived up to 1917 and experimented a great deal with human figure sculptures. He was known for his excellent ability to depict emotional intensity and experiment with a very range of human passions in his sculptures. Vigorous movements and gestures capture the essence of the intensity of human passions that the artist would try to depict in his sculptures. Distortions, enlargements and deliberately incomplete human figures were some of the distinct features found in this French sculptor’s artwork.

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