Japanese Garden Designs

Interested in the aesthetic science behind Japanese garden designing? Find out as we take a look at what constitutes a Japanese garden…

There are a number of things that come to mind when you try and conceive what a Japanese garden may look like with limited knowledge of the art form. The thought of Bonsai miniature trees is sure to come to mind. Then you have the Zen related themes that project a tranquil atmosphere creating a meditative environment.

Japanese garden designs can be extremely varied. There are however certain overriding principles that are characteristic of the Japanese gardens. Having a Japanese garden in your house is a big responsibility. This is because it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain even the most simplest of Japanese gardens.

Harmony, balance & order

The typical Japanese garden is very neatly composed and gives a very beautiful and delicate appeal. Cleanliness is something that jumps out at you when you observe Japanese garden designs. Such gardens are a reflection of the upright and balanced lifestyles that the traditional Japanese society was known for. Even the slightest of abnormal behavior or absurd movement seems totally out of place in a prim and proper Japanese garden.

Bonsai trees

A Japanese garden may have a host of miniature bonsai trees to show case. Each one of these trees requires special care and has many special features that require careful observation. This is one of the beauties of Japanese gardens. The more time you spend observing their design the more you will be able to appreciate it.

Koi fish

A koi fish pond is also one of the major elements in a Japanese garden. Although the particular breed of fish originated from China it was the Japanese culture that took them in and made them part of their own. The koi fish pond acts as the centre piece for the Japanese garden. The soundless swim of the colorful fish brings even more serenity to the garden.


The Japanese make very interesting use of rocks to decorate their gardens. You will be able to witness amazing compositions of different kinds of rocks that are artistically put together to accentuate the surroundings. Rock formations for Japanese garden designs come in a variety of forms and are often customized according to the size of the garden itself.

Although these are the basic elements that make up a Japanese style garden there are still a few more Japanese touches that one can give to their garden in order for it to have a total oriental look. Amongst the design elements that can be used to further enhance a Japanese garden is a Japanese style garden fence. The Japanese have their own range of typical fences that are used in conjunction with the rest of the elements of the garden.

Last but not least you will need some sort of furniture to sit and enjoy your garden on. This choice must be made very carefully because it can either make or break the look and feel of the entire garden. As night falls you should have distantly spaced Japanese garden lanterns to light up the evening and bring the garden to life.

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