Austrian Crystal Spur Rowels

Looking for an out of the box crystal jewelry item? Take a look at Austrian crystal spur rowels and find out where you can get them in wholesale quantity.

The Austrians are pioneers when it comes to fashion. Amongst the many fashion items that they excel at producing is jewelry. Over the years Austria has established it self as an authority when it comes to creating unique and exuberant jewelry. Strangely more than the diamonds and the gold it is crystal jewelry that is the specialty of Austria.

Today Austria is renowned as the world leader in producing all sorts of innovative crystal jewelry. You will find that Austrian crystal jewelry is now available in wholesale to be distributed all across the globe. It can safely be said that the Austrians are responsible for setting the trend of crystal jewelry into motion. Amongst the many different kinds of crystal jewelry that is produced in Austria are the crystal spur rowels.

This unique piece of jewelry takes its inspiration from the age old cowboy tradition. It involves incorporating the design of the spurs that are situated on the back of cowboy boots. Somehow the design seemed an ideal form to be developed into a pendant that can be worn around the neck. Since it is such an eye catching form it was an instant success in the world of fashion.

Varieties in crystal spur rowels

The kind of spur rowels made for the purpose of jewelry is not like the spurs you will find on cowboy boots. They revolve around the same concept and design but are jazzed up using different materials and colors. By incorporating the use of crystal into the spur rowel pendants they have become all the more eye catching even from a distance.

You will be able to find a wide variety in the collection of crystal spur rowels from Austria. The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Spur rowel is amongst the most popular versions from Austria. It consists of a handmade spur rowel pendant that has twelve point black steel spur rowel. The spur rowel is also adorned with a pink ribbon. Then you have the cream and light rose colored Swarovski crystals decorating the spur rowels. The end product is something unique and sure to catch the eye even from a distance.

Most of the exquisite spur rowel jewelry is hand crafted by the most talented artisans of Austria. You will be able to get spur rowels that can be adorned with hand rubbed antique finished concho of your choice. You can easily add a personal touch to the Austrian crystal spur rowel by the various customization options that they have to offer. The concho will be embellished all around with genuine Swarovski crystals that will bring the glimmer and shimmer to the item.

Spurs have long been considered a status symbol for men who ride horses. Today spurs are considered as a fashion statement for women who wear it in the form of pendants and necklaces. The different varieties of Austrian crystal spur rowels are available in wholesale quantities which you can import and start cashing in on the trend in your locality.

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