Austrian Daggers

The Austrians are held in high esteem for producing some of the world’s finest daggers. Find out about the origins of some of the leading models of the Austrian daggers.

The Austrians are renowned producers of many varied products. Military gear is amongst those things in which the country is recognized as a pioneer. The years of engagement in fierce warfare provided the necessary drive for innovation. From the heaviest and most complicated artillery of its time to the simplest of tools like a dagger the Austrians exercised their engineering skills in almost all domains of their military arsenal.

The trade mark Austrian dagger was developed a long time ago in the early 1800’s. Over the years the Austrians developed many variations of the dagger each one having something special about it. Austrian daggers are in a league of their own. They are a bench mark when it comes to designing and manufacturing this tool and even today Austrian daggers are known for their high standards of quality.

Amongst the vast collection of Austrian daggers is the famous 1830 model of the Danube Steamship Company. The foundations of this company were laid down in 1829 and it is considered to be the first such Company where the officers were required to wear dress daggers as part of their uniform. The Austrian dagger featured a cross guard which was purposely designed so as to protect the hands of the person working the dagger during a dual. The daggers also featured some sort of graphic art like the dolphins on the cross guard in the 1830 model. The 1830 model has been the blueprint for all of the other daggers to follow. Even the later versions of the dagger were almost identical with certain exceptions.

The dress dagger

Amongst the many versions of the dagger that followed one that gained immense popularity is the Austrian Navy Dress Dagger. This dagger was developed in the year 1854. It was at this time that Austria was at war with the German states. The dagger was developed in order to be worn by the Navy personal during the war. Although the Naval Dress Dagger was part of the uniform for quite some time its use was discontinued around 1873.

The Naval dagger did not completely go out of action. Rather it provided the platform for further innovation in the dagger. Some of the daggers that were developed much later on were clearly based upon the 1854 model. The foremost amongst them is the Austro Hungarian Cadets Dagger. This dagger was developed prior to World War 1 in the year 1907. Thirteen years later the Polish took inspiration from the same dagger as they developed the Polish Naval Cadets Dagger model in the year 1920.

The 1854 dagger is very difficult to find in its original form today. You will be able to find other daggers based upon this all time favorite Austrian dagger but by it self you will only be able to view the 1854 in Austrian museums.

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