Austrian shepherd

The Austrian shepherd has made its way around the globe. Find out about the characteristics and features of this sheep herding dog from Austria.

Amongst the many things that have risen to fame out of Austria is a particular breed of dog known as the Austrian shepherd. The breed has become popular on a global scale as it has a number of different uses. One thing is for sure the Austrian shepherd is a very active dog. This is one of the reasons why it is used primarily as a farm dog. This was pretty much the case prior to the exposure of the breed to dog lovers and collectors who began to keep the dog as a companion pet. Whosoever wishes to keep the Austrian shepherd should be prepared to take it for long and regular walks ensuring that the dog gets a heart full of exercise. On farmlands it has all the room in the world to run around and do what it likes to do best; which is to run around.

Physical attributes of the Austrian shepherd

The Austrian shepherd can grow up to 20 to 23 inches in height and has an average weight of around 35-70 lbs. This makes it a medium sized dog. You will be able to find the breed in many different colors ranging from liver, red with and without tan, red merle, blue merle and black. This colorful breed of dog has a very colorful nature as well. The most prominent physical trait of the dog is its agility. It is hyper active and has extremely quick reflexes. The body of the Austrian shepherd is muscular yet flexible at the same time.

The Austrian shepherd has a moderately coarse topcoat which requires careful and constant maintenance. The hair on the dog is straight towards wavy. The coat in general is weather resistant and the dog can easily manage weather changes without falling sick. The dog is generally considered to be of a very playful nature which is the reason why it has found its way into the homes of people from the wide open farmlands. It is also considered to be a rather intelligent dog and can be trained to perform important duties as has been the case where the Austrian shepherd was a farm dog. Loyalty is another trade mark characteristic of the Austrian shepherd and it is also considered to be quite affectionate. The good natured dog makes an obedient pet and gets along quite well with other pets. Although reserved during the initial days the dog becomes friendly once familiar with his new environment. The attentive dog is known to possess an enduring stamina and can be aggressive at times.

The breed also has certain special needs which need to be taken care of. Amongst the most testing things with this dog is that it sheds a lot of hair. This means that you will have to brush it quite regularly and maintain it properly. The other thing that must be ensured is the dog’s desire and need to exercise. As the name suggests the breed is ideal for sheep herding and droving cattle and can live up to 15 years of age.

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