American Silver Eagle Prices

Interested in American silver eagle prices? Find out about the selling prices of different American eagle coins and the factors that influence the pricing…

American silver eagle coins are great for investment purposes along with being a collector’s pride. The various series are available at different prices. The price of each coin is determined by a number of factors which must be understood by interested individuals.

The first and foremost factor that influences the price of American Silver Eagle coins is the condition in which it is. You will be able to find these coins in their uncirculated, burnished and proof versions. All three are priced differently.

Since the minting process began in the United States in 1986 you have coins dating from that year to this present year. Over the course of history the minting of silver eagle coins has taken place in three different facilities. Coins printed in each facility bear the mint mark of that mintage. The three facilities are San Francisco, Philadelphia and West Point New York. They bear the mint marks S, P and W respectively. The mint marks also have an effect on the pricing of the coins.

The content and quality of silver used in the making of the coin is also an obvious factor that influences the price. The uncirculated version of American eagle silver coins has a thickness of 0.117 inch. The proof version on the other hand measures 0.122 inch. Both have reeded edges and are 99.9% pure silver. Obviously when the market prices for silver fluctuate then so does the price of American eagle silver coins.

American Eagle Silver Coins Average price

The burnished uncirculated American eagle coin developed in the first year of production was sold at an average price of $5.47. On the other hand the proof version was being sold at $ 21. The price for the uncirculated coins rose next year to $7.01. It kept on fluctuating under this mark till about 2006 when it suddenly rose to $ 19.95. On the other hand the price for the proof American eagle coins rose steadily between 21, 23, 24 and 27 dollars. Sharp increases were experienced in 2006 when the price suddenly went up to $100. It came back down again in 2007 with the 2008 Silver American eagle being sold in the market for $31.95.

Buying American Eagle Silver coins

American Eagle silver coins are available in a wide variety of coin shops as well as through online auctions. Unless buying in large quantities you will find the coins to be sold at the market price of the year. However if you want to purchase the current year’s American Eagle silver coin then it is best to purchase them directly from the US Mint because they are likely to give you the best rate.

The US Mint has an excellent shopping website which is extremely user friendly. Those with an interest in coin collection should actually subscribe to their mailing list which will entitle them to get notified regarding the latest releases and prices.

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