Famous people from Austria

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Austria is home to some of the most prominent figures in history. It seems that Austria was a breeding ground for all sorts of outstanding individuals that gained the attention of the world due to the immense influence that they managed to have on the lives of the people.

The list of famous people from Austria includes politicians and painters, sportsmen and architects which clearly show the amount of diverse talents that the country possessed.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Famous people from Austria. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Famous Political Figures

Much of Austria’s history prior to the World War I is recorded as being under the rule of absolute monarchy. The emperors of those times where the supreme leaders of the nation and had a great influence on the lives of the people.

Rudolf I of Habsburg from 1218 is one of the most prominent political figures from Austria as he was the founder of the Habsburg family as well as the Holy Roman Emperor during his life time.

Maria Theresa is another famous politician to rise out of the country who was the one to succeed the Habsburg family’s rule. Franz Josef and Mazimilian are two other celebrated political figures that were influential during the period of the First World War. And of course who can forget Adolf Hitler the dictator of Germany.

Famous Artists and Writers

Every other person in Austria was a man of extraordinary talents so it seems. Over the years Austria has produced some of the world’s most talented artists and writers that are still regarded as legends in their own rights.

Wolfgang Mozart is the most celebrated composer to rise out of the country. He is till date considered as being the best composer ever. Other famous musicians include Anton Bruckner, Gustav Mahler, Alban Berg and Arnold Schonberg. Even the German born legendary Beethoven spent much of his life in Vienna.

Amongst those people that mastered the art of phrasing and are renowned poets and dramatists on an international level are Franz Grillparzer, Ludwig Anzengruber, Nikolaus Lenau and Hugo von Hofmannsthal to name a few. Some Austrians became famous by the pen by writing novels and short stories. The most celebrated writers from Austria are Arthur Schnitzler, Herman Bahr, Adalbert Stiftler and Robert Musil.

Famous Architects and Artists

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt are remembered as two of the greatest architects from the baroque period. Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka are amongst the legendary painters that the country has produced.

Famous Physicians

Amongst the list of famous Austrian physicians is the name of the internationally acclaimed founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. His studies were furthered by his prominent colleagues such as Wilhelm Reich, Alfred Adler and Otto Rank. Gregor Johann Mendel is the name of a renowned geneticist from Austria. The Nobel Prize in physics was brought home by Erwin Schrodinger for the country.

Famous Athletes

Toni Sailer is the most celebrated sports personality of Austria who managed to claim all three Olympic gold medals in Alpine skiing. Annemarrie Moser-Pröll is another celebrated sports personality known for her six Women’s World Cup wins in downhill skiing.

And of course the once number one body builder of the world then turned Hollywood actor and now mayor of California state in America, Arnold Schwarzenegger also belongs to Austria.

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