American Eagle Vests

Interested in buying an American Eagle Vest? Discover the incredibly stylish collection of vests designed by American Eagle…

The fashion brand American Eagle produces a wide variety of vests ranging from formal to semi formal and casual wears. Their products are renowned for a unique sense of style and superior craftsmanship.

Some of the most popular American Eagle vest Designs are as follows:

American Eagle Knit Textured Vest

This 100% soft combed cotton is actually a very comfortable sweater vest. It is ideal for those cool nights when wearing a full fledged sweater is not possible. The vest has been designed in a unique halter cut that sets it apart. It also features a racerback strap that adds to the styling.

The front placket has four buttons and a fine ribbed hem can be seen going all around the bottom of the sweater. The vest has a classic V front and sports two small pockets in the front. The Deep V neck in black has a great semi formal look. Initially this vest was being sold for $34 but now it is available for a bargain price of $19.95.

American Eagle Leather Vest

It doesn’t get any more old school than this classic badge of honor American Eagle Leather Vest. The vest is made using high quality soft grain leather. This eagle vest makes a statement that no onlooker is mistaken about. The silhouette of the classic eagle is fully embroidered with high standard craftsmanship. The front side has two slit pockets and is lined with complete snap closures.

American Eagle Navy Heritage Vest

Made using 100% soft sturdy cotton this is an ultra cool super casual vest. The navy pinstripe pattern makes this vest stand out. It has four slit pockets in the front with a solid back with adjustable tab. A cotton chambray lining secures the vest all around complimented with plaid trim lining. The five button front placket gives the wearer a complete button up look. The decorative buttons and slots add even more aesthetic value to this super cool American eagle vest.

Men’s American Eagle USA Black Leather Vest

This is the kind of vest that will make you want to jump on to a Harley and stream down the highway. The all black leather vest is made using top quality soft high grain leather. It has a fully embroidered patch that is sewn on with exquisite quality giving it a brilliant look.

The vest has the classic snap closure linings and buttons in the front and is fully lined with polyester. The image of the eagle stands out in a lighter shade of black as relief art work with the words USA travelling across the curve of the shoulders. This is an all time classic leather vest that will never go out of fashion. It is one of the identity forming fashion products from American Eagle.

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