List of Austrian Composers

Austria has an extensive list of classical composers. Find out about the big names in the musical history of Austria who are still regarded as legends in their own rights.

Austria prides it self as being home to some of the biggest names in the world of art and entertainment. More than the modern times it is the history of the arts in Austria that is regarded as being rich and in a class of its own. Amongst the different mediums of art that Austrians have excelled in is music. Some of the world’s best regarded classical musicians rose from this very country.

Famous Austrian composers

The first name that comes to mind when talking about Austrian composers is that of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was a composer and a pianist who managed to write more than six hundred pieces of music in his short life span. Although he passed away in 1791 he is still regarded by many as the best classical composer ever.

He is particularly famous for his operas such as Don Giovanni and the Magic Flute. The legendary musician started writing music at the age of four and kept on writing till he passed away leaving behind a legacy of the most unique compositions. Considered as one of the greatest composers Mozart was an equally good pianist as well.

Another Austrian composer and conductor that is till date held in high esteem is Gustav Mahler. Born in 1860 he is considered to be the last generation of legendary composers from the Romantic period. His work includes several orchestral songs along with nine complete and one incomplete symphony. His claim to fame was his ability to infuse German folk songs into orchestral symphonies. The Song of the Earth is perhaps his best remembered work. Gustav Mahler is also remembered for his services to the Vienna Opera.

The list of Austrian composers goes on with other legendary performers like Anton Cajetan Adgasser. This particular composer was of German origin and lived from 1729 till 1777. He was also considered to be an expert organist. He studied music in Salzburg under Johann Ernst Eberlin and soon joined the Salzburg cathedral as an organist. He is remembered for his services to the cathedral and an opera performance known as Nitteti along with some books of musical scholarship. He died doing what he loved to do as he suffered a stroke while playing the organ.

Johann Nepomuk Hummel is one of Austria’s child prodigy musicians. He was a composer as well as a pianist who lived from 1778 to 1837. He studied under the master musician Mozart who taught him for free as he was impressed by the child’s amazing talents. His work was confined to the classical style and in his life time he was regarded as one of the best composers and pianists in Europe.

Another important name in the Austrian library of composers is that of Johann Georg Albrechtsberger. The multi talented musician was a qualified composer along with being an organist, music theorist and a music teacher as well. A little known fact about the Johann Georg is that he was one of Beethoven’s music teachers at a certain point in time.

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