Holidays In Icmeler Turkey

Planning to spend your Holidays in Icmeler Turkey? Discover the many activities you can enjoy during your holiday in Icmeler Turkey…

The remote fishing village of Icmeler Turkey was rarely visited by any tourists until the late 80s. Its neighboring city of Marmaris got more attention and developed into a popular, but small resort in the early 80s. This resulted in more attention being given to the idyllic town of Icmeler.

It was a perfect spot to sample the village life in Turkey.  In the ten years from 1990 onwards many resorts have been constructed for tourists who want to spend their holidays in Icmeler Turkey. From apartments to restaurants and hotels to seaside activities there is something for everyone to enjoy on their holiday in Icmeler Turkey.

However, the city is still very small and it seems to have retained its rustic rural  charms  for the most part unspoiled, which is what makes this a very charming place to vacation in. The magic of the city is evident in its pleasant people who make your stay there very special.

Apart from this its mesmerizing location right on the tip of a very big bay and golden sandy beach makes it enchanting and attractive. There are beautiful green colored buildings populating the city landscape, which make it uniquely beautiful.

The happiness of the people is reflected in the daily lifestyle of the city, as the residents choose to live in this pleasantly undeveloped city rather than move out to bigger and more developed areas. The caring and friendly population gives everyone of the residents an endearing nickname in order to identify them clearly in the event that they are not native Turkish speakers.

Activities during your Holiday in Icmeler Turkey

You can enjoy a full day of activities and entertainment in the city of Icmeler Turkey and its surrounding areas. From basic activities like biking and motorbikes, to city tours and hiking, you will be able to have a fun filled day in the city. If you’re fond of water then why not enjoy surfing, jet skiing or parasailing with your friends or family.
Apart from this the beautiful bay offers an opportunity to take chartered boat rides across the different waterfront towns and enjoy an idyllic cruise around the Turkish coastline. Each day mark a new activity in your calendar such as  horseback riding, Quad biking or perhaps scuba diving. Children can enjoy the safety and security of the water parks and the many playgrounds dotting the entire city.

Special Excursions in Turkey

Why not enjoy breakfast at the village and then journey on to a hidden lake? You can explore the countryside and even take a canoe ride down the river. Enjoy the natural beauty while you partake of a delicious lunch of local cuisine. Coffee or tea can be enjoyed in nearby villages along with local treats before returning home to your apartment or hotel in Icmeler Turkey.

There’s a beautiful hidden restaurant on the side of a river bank that offers spectacular vistas. Enjoy the marine life with turtles swimming in the river while you take in the scent of pinecones and jasmine which makes an enchanting dinner experience of a three-course meal.

Boat rides are very popular and can be enjoyed all around the bays in Turkey. What’s more, there are swimming spots for you to take a dip in the sea.

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