Zellamsee Austria

Interested in knowing more about the wonderful city of Zellamsee in Austria? Find out about the history and major attractions of this Austrian region.

Zellemsee is situated in the Austrian state of Salzburg. The second largest city in the Pinzgau is the declared capital of the Zell am See region. It has around 10, 000 inhabitants only. Over time Zellamsee has established it self as a popular tourist destination because of the many different interesting aspects associated with it. It is also an important area with regards to its location which makes it the transportation hub for the region.

The city stands as a corridor between the Salzach and the Saalach and is known as the Zeller basin. The center of the Zeller basin is around sixty eight meters deep. The old town is situated to the west of the basin whereas Thumersbach is to the east. Erlberg is situated to the Southeast with Schuttdorf bordering the south.

Basically the city of Zellamsee is divided into five main districts. The Bruckberg is the popular residential area whereas Zellermoos is the agricultural land. The beautiful district of Erlberg has a nature reserve in it as well. Then you have Schmitten which is the location of many cableways and Themmersbach considered as the Nobel district with popular seaside resorts and breathtaking landscape.

The original city extended further towards the north and the south but overtime it has moved towards the great marsh areas. The overview of the map of Zellamsee makes it appear in the shape of a peanut. The total area of the region of Zellersee is 4.7 square kilometers.

Things to do in Zellamsee

Amongst the prominent attractions of the region is a famous mountain by the name of Schmittenhohe. It lies in the greywacke zone which includes the grass Pinzgauer Mountains as well. Today it is popularly used to conduct winter sports activities. The highest peak in the mountains measures up to 2,117 feet and is known as Hundstein. The mountains are either dense forests or open lands for agriculture.

The region of Zellamsee has a long history. Records tell us that it was inhabited even during the times of the Romans. It was in the year 740 AD that the Archbishop of Salzburg Johannes gave the order and the monks founded the village of Cella in Bizonzio. In 1357 the city received its rights as a market town.

Zellamsee has many attractions to offer to tourists. St. Hippolyte’s Church is one of the oldest known buildings of Pinzgau. Built in the Romanesque style of architecture it offers quite a sight to the public. It has an amazing elevated walkway which is considered to be the highpoint of the building.

As far as education in the city of Zellamsee is concerned you will find there to be three elementary schools along with one vocational, one grammar, one commercial academy and even one special school in the region. All in all we find this ancient city of Zellamsee to possess many treasures. These treasures include natural beauty, amazing architecture and a rich cultural heritage which serve as major tourist attractions.

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