Nassau Bahamas Parasailing

Nassau Bahamas parasailing is an adventurous tourist activity that offers a splendid panorama of the tropical paradise and its sparkling turquoise waters from a height of hundreds of feet above the ground. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Parasailing has long been a popular and thrilling activity in the Bahamas, providing the ultimate experience for adventure enthusiasts. Nothing compares to the bird’s eye view of the stunning landscape and the awesome gaze at the marine life through the crystalline sea surface.  In the Bahamas, expert and licensed operators handle parasailing activities, giving utmost priority to safety. The major parasailing ventures and the safety essentials of the sport are discussed below.

Parasailing essentials

Though parasailing is the most thrilling outdoor adventure in the Bahamas, visitors must look for reputable companies that provide proper equipment. The parasail must be well constructed and safely attached to the boat or vehicle. It is important to have a first aid kit on board as chances of accidents must not be overlooked. Apart from having an expert on the parasail, it is crucial to make sure that the person driving the vehicle, which launches the parasail, has a reliable working experience. Body harnesses and towline accessories are also essential. The favorable wind speed range for effective parasailing is between 12 and 27 miles per hour.

Eligibility criteria for participants

Though participants are required to be at least five years old, most companies permit only people who are 12 years or older and those in the age group of 12-15 years must be accompanied by a guardian. Participants must have a minimum weight of 125 lbs and a maximum weight of 330 lbs.

Lucayan Parasailing

Lucayan parasailing sets off at Freeport rendering a marvelous view of the Bahamas as it glides past the coast of Grand Bahama Island. Participants are strapped to a massive parasail that glides at about 300 feet above the ground, providing a view of the entire island and a glimpse of the wildlife in the depths of the cerulean waters. Those who wish to glide along with their companions or friends can make use of tandem flights.

Jay Dee’s Nassau Parasailing

Jay Dee’s, one of the most popular parasailing trips of Nassau, provides a thrilling experience above the Atlantic, including the colorful historic houses across Downtown Nassau. A parasail can accommodate up to four persons and may soar as high as 600 feet high in the air.

Parasailing in Cococay

Cococay’s parasailing soars at about 400 feet above Cococay to provide a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding islands and ocean waters.

Paradise Watersports parasailing

Paradise Watersports offers flights above the Grand Bahamas Island.  It is close to the resorts of Radisson, Royal Islander and Best Western Castaways.

Ocean Motion Watersports parasailing

Ocean Motion Watersports, a famous watersport excursion company, offers parasailing opportunities over the Grand Bahama Island.

Nassau Bahamas parasailing adventures form a crucial part of outdoor activities on the tropical paradise of the Bahamas. Visitors can get the best experience provided they do a little research and follow some simple rules of safety.

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