Best Nassau Bahamas Snorkeling Sites

Nassau Bahamas is home to the world’s best snorkeling sites, thanks to its clear azure waters, breathtaking coral reefs, assorted marine life and spectacular underwater sights. Read our guide for more facts and information…

The location of Nassau on the northeastern shoreline of New Providence Island makes it a perfect snorkeling destination. Though divers can find vibrant underwater sights at almost any point on the shores of the Bahamas, a few sites in the proximity have been identified as the most suited spots for snorkeling. Off the Bahamas coast, there are plenty of coral reefs and wrecks that are habitat to an amazing array of tropical fish and coral. Snorkelers can even interact with sharks at some of the cays. Plenty of tour operators and resorts offer snorkeling tours, with expert instructors for novices. Visitors can get snorkeling gear from rental shops.


Abacos has shallow wrecks and reef structures that are hardly deeper than about forty feet. Some of the interesting snorkeling sites at Abacos are Green Turtle Cay and Walkers Cay. Snorkelers may get the chance to view as many as 200 sharks from the water surface or snorkel under the water to have a closer look. Sandy Cay is famous for Elkhorn coral and visitors can spot larger sea creatures, such as sharks and Barracudas while snorkeling or cruising by the area. Fowl Cay, preserved by the Bahamas National Trust, is an interesting diving spot where it is common to snorkel with sharks in the proximity.

Long Island

Long Island has shallow reefs just offshore, as well as farther boat-accessible sites. Cape Santa Maria Beach Reserve is a famous snorkeling site and the Stella Maris Resort organizes snorkeling trips on a daily basis.


Andros offers shallow reefs and inland blue holes where snorkelers can spot dolphins once in a while. The Small Hope Bay is a popular snorkeling site off the Tiamo Beach, which is frequented by conch, cushion stars and cucumbers.

Stuart Cove in Nassau Bahamas

Stuart Cove’s snorkeling trips form an ideal cruise activity in the Bahamas for tourists staying at the Atlantis resort as well as those arriving in cruise ships. Stuart Cove has a worldwide renown for its snorkeling adventures and Nassau tourist activities.

Exuma Cays National Land and Sea Park

Exuma Cays National Land and Sea Park, the oldest national park in the Bahamas, is a marine fishery reserve that shelters the spiny lobster, Nassau grouper, queen conch and other important species. Its untouched reefs, uninhabited islands, crystal clear waters and white beaches attract tourists from all over the world. It is a no-take zone, meaning it is protected from marine harvesting and developmental activities. Known for its thickly concentrated shallow reefs and blue holes, the park offers excellent snorkeling opportunities.


The Bahamas-Current near the western coast of Eleuthera is a unique snorkeling site consisting of a narrow cut from the bank to the outer waters, forming an ideal spot for teeming marine life. Devil’s Backbone along Eleuthera’s northern edge consists of a shallow reef with loads of fish, marine life and even a glimpse of history.


Dolphins are common in Sapona, a shallow wreck of Bimini and the chain of islands along southern Bimini close to the Orange Cay.

Rose Island Reefs

Located at a distance of about three miles from the Paradise Island, Rose Island reefs consist of a shallow ring of reefs that are home to schools of vibrant tropical fish. The wreck of Alcora is a notable spot to explore.

Love Beach

Love Beach, an isolated stretch of beach near Gambier Village, offers easy access to snorkeling sites near the shore. Its location is close to protected coral reefs that provide sustenance for abundant underwater life.

Gambier Deep Reef

Gambier Deep Reef, located off the coast of New Providence, is about nine miles from Nassau. It features upper coral formations within easy view of snorkelers, as well as deeper formations almost 80 feet down.

Goulding Cay Reefs

Goulding cay Reefs, off the western coast of New Providence Island, are in close proximity to the Lyford Cay and Jaws Beach. They feature shallow reefs that shelter colorful fishes of all sizes.

Bahamas snorkeling sites vary in depth, marine life, accessibility and coral concentration, but offer the best spots for discovering the spectacular world under the waves.

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