Ojinaga Chihuahua Mexico

Traveling to Ojinaga? Want information on the local attractions, hotels, churches and more? Our guide to Ojinaga in Chihuahua Mexico gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Ojinaga is a town located at the northeastern part of the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It is found along the US-Mexican border which has an area of 9,500.50 km² and has 162 localities. The town was named after the governor Manuel Ojinaga. It was founded by the pueblo Native Americans.  During the Mexican Revolution, Ojinaga was the place where the Battle of Ojinaga happened where a fight between the Government troops and Pancho Villa’s Missionaries occurred. Maybe because of Ojinaga’s amazing history, it’s one of the towns in the state of Chihuahua that has preserved its culture and environment.

Ojinaga Chihuahua Ethinc Minority

An Ethnic group called the Tarahumaras, or Raramuri, is also living in this town. This group has a population of 35 which is 0.16% of the population of the whole municipality. But according to a survey in 2005 the population of this ethnic group grew to 96. A lot of people were amazed with this group since they were able to preserve their culture especially their indigenous language. Like other cities and towns in Mexico, the most dominant religion in this town is Roman Catholic. Approximately 85% of the population are loyal devotees of Catholicism. The remaining 25% are Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons.

Ojinaga Chihuahua Economy

6, 357 hectares of the town of Ojinaga is devoted to agriculture. Their main crops are soya, cotton, maize, wheat, onion, peanut, and other vegetables. A lot of deposits of lead, silver, coal, manganese, marble and uranium are also found in this town. These products are being exported to different countries around the world since they are cheap and have good quality. The natural resources of Ojinaga are being protected by the government to preserve it.

Ojinaga Chihuahua Attractions

Mexicans have something in common, and that is sports. Mexicans are very sports-minded, especially the people from this town. They have 6 baseball pitches, a gymnasium, and a number of Sport Parks. People from this town practice volleyball, basketball, baseball and soccer in most of their universities and high schools. In fact, some of the most famous Mexican players of soccer and baseball came from Ojinaga. Many famous norteño musicians are from this little town such as Polo Urías and Adolfo Urías. Not like other norteño bands that use accordions as their lead instrument, these artists use saxophones and accordions together in creating an original Ojinaga styled classical norteño music. In the modern world, only a small number of people can play music like the musicians coming from this little town.

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