Belgian Fries

Interested in Belgian fries? Find out about the fries culture of Belgium in our information guide.

The world at large is familiar with the concept of fries more popularly known as French fries. The irony of the situation is that these elongated fried slices of potatoes known as fries are not a French invention.

It is true that you will find every fast food joint in the world to be offering you fries as French fries, but the history of this food item has a different story to tell. Fries are popular in the Netherlands, France, Denmark and Belgium. It is however the country of Belgium which is the rightful inventor of this popular food item.  The different regions however have made certain variations with regards the shape of the fries and the toppings that they use with them.

The Belgian fries culture

The Belgians take great pride in being the innovator of fries and they are indeed very popular in the country. You will be able to find fries at every corner in the country much like you would in Holland.

Belgian fries go by the name of Patat in the country of their origin. The only other country that uses the same term for fries is Holland. Interestingly Patat is not the Dutch word for potato because potato in Dutch is known as aardappel.

In Belgium however the fries are cut into rather thick slabs of potatoes. They always eat them fresh and are not very fond of the concept of frozen fries to be fried later. In Belgium you cut, fry and eat at the same time.

You will find street vendors to be offering you Belgian fries in special paper cones. Individuals have a plethora of choices when it comes to taking toppings with their fries. Mayonnaise is by far the most popular topping for fries in the country.

The Belgian fries culture has risen to new heights over time. The country has developed certain shops that are dedicated to selling French fries only. In Belgium these outlets are known as “Friekots” and “Fitures”. You will be able to find them in the form of small vendor stands to medium sized sheds as well as big buses and shacks.

You will be able to find these Friekots in the smallest of Belgian towns. Initially these shops had takeaway freshly made fries to offer. By the 1970s they started incorporating certain meaty accompaniments with the fries thereby branching out in a new direction with the Belgian fries culture.

In the Belgian fries culture however the fries are never considered to be a side accompaniment. On the contrary they are either eaten by themselves or have accompaniments to them. Some of the most commonly consumed side entries with Belgian fries include chicken legs, minced beef, turkey slices, stoofvloves, sausages and meatballs. The most popularly consumed sauces with Belgian fries and their accompaniments include mayonnaise, pickle sauce, sauce pommes frites and cold mussels in vinegar.

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