Antique Belgium Steel Double Barrel Shotgun

Antique Belgium Steel Double Barrel Shotgun

Interested in the antique double barrel shotgun Belgium steel? Find out about what makes the Belgian shotgun unique.

The double barrel shotgun from Belgium is considered to be one of the best all time classic guns in the world. Made using top quality Belgian steel this weapon is more renowned for its top quality material rather than its performance.

This is not to say the antique double barrel shotgun made using Belgian steel is not a top notch performer. Indeed it is one of the best old school shotguns the world has ever witnessed.

In terms of quality the Belgian double barrel shotgun stands unsurpassed. Then you have the amazing artistry and craftsmanship of the Belgian manufacturers that lend even more value to the machine in terms of design. Overall the antique Belgian shotgun is a masterpiece and to top it all off it is being offered at a rather competitive retail price.

Liege Belgian Shotguns

The Belgian gun maker “Liege” is renowned for their top quality double barrel shotguns. They have been operating since 1672 and have produced scores of first class weaponry over the years. Today they have taken to manufacturing the new over under harmless shotguns as well as the modern side by side double barrel shotguns. They are still the best at what they do.

The quality of Belgian double barrel shotguns has definitely gone up since what it was back in the days of the Great World War. At that time the Belgians were in dire need of lots of weaponry. As a result quality was greatly compromised when it came to the double barrel shotgun.

Belgium manufactured barrels were actually only used for lower grade guns whereas the more high end shotguns made use of American or German barrels. Nonetheless the amount of cheap double barrel shotguns being exported from Belgium continued to rise over the years.

Browning Superposed Shotgun

It wasn’t until the 1930s that the Belgians stepped up on the quality of the production of the double barrel shotguns. One of the most well renowned antique double barrel shotguns made using Belgian steel was the Browning Superposed shotgun known as B-25. This was one of the last designs by the renowned John Browning before his death. This unique shotgun is manufactured even today by the giant Belgian gun manufacturing company known as Fabrique Nationale.

The Boxlock gun was however the most popular double barrel shotgun to originate from the country of Belgium. It was extremely popular and highly regarded even in the United States. It gave an excellent performance under cover of a remarkable design and none could question this machine in terms of its quality and workmanship.

One of the key features that lent the shotgun great value was the use of top quality materials such as Belgian steel. The gun incorporated the use of rib barrels that could strike full length. French Walnut stocks along with hand cut checkering and hand engraved receivers were also incorporated into the design of this antique Belgian double barrel shotgun.

To add some style to the shotgun it was given a classy gold plated single trigger. The gun also features a manual safety look. Overall the gun was given a great polish with luster blue colored barrels making it look extremely unique. This antique double barrel shotgun is sought after by many gun collectors in the world.

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