Belgian Laekenois

Interested in the Belgian Laekenois? Get an overview of this unique dog from the Belgian sheepdog family.

Often termed as the wired coat dog, the Belgian Laekenois is by far the most unique looking of varieties from the Belgian sheepdog family. The Laekenois is just about the same size and possess a relatively similar temperament to that of its canine cousins.

Physical Features

The most distinctive feature of the Belgian Laekenois is its unique looking coat. You will be able to find this dog in a color range from fawn to mahogany having a black overlay. The length of the wired coat hair can go well over two inches.

Like all Belgian sheepdogs the Belgian Laekenois has a medium sized body which appears to be very sturdy and in due proportion. It has a set of small upright ears set up high on its head. The woolly look that the dog gets due to its fringed head hair and muzzle also add character to the breed.

The Laekenois has strong and muscular back legs that give it the boost for agility. The dog has a set of dark eyes with contrasting colored rims around the eyes. The tail of the dog is rather bushy full of extremely dense hair. The dog has a relatively moderate sized chest that runs down to its elbow.

Personality of the Laekonois

The Belgian Laekonois is considered to be the rarest of all the Belgian sheepdog breeds. This particular breed is not just renowned for its unique looks but is much appreciated because of the personality that it possesses.

As a highly intelligent and obedient dog the Belgian Laekonois is one mutt that can be trusted to handle responsibility. Their innate protective instincts make them excellent watch dogs. This is why they have been popularly used as guard dogs as well as police dogs.

Training the Laekenois

These dogs can also be quite demanding when it comes to training and development. If you want your Belgian Laekenois to grow up to be comfortable with people then you need to get it plenty of socialization from the start. Otherwise it may become a highly sensitive and shy dog.

Similarly when it comes to training the dog it needs a firm and qualified trainer. Harshness is not something that works well with the Laekenois. Such an attitude often makes them uncooperative. The way to move forward with the Laekenois is to earn its respect. Once the dog has its confidence in you then things will become a lot easier. In such conditions the Laekenois loves to train and please its master.

These dogs can be trained to perform in obedience sports, as working dogs, guard dogs and police dogs. As such the Belgian Laekenois is taken as an occupational dog although many people also enjoy keeping it as a pet.


Individuals looking to keep the Belgian Laekenois as a pet need to ensure that they keep the dog well within the company of the family rather than locked up in a kennel. They will also need to arrange for daily exercise for their dog as it is loaded with energy and needs some channel to release that ample amount of energy. Overall the Belgian Laekenois is a very impressive dog and by far the most unique of the fantastic four from the Belgian sheepdog family.

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