Belgian Names

Interested in Belgian names? Discover the most popular Belgian names and their origins.

Belgium is made up of two distinct ethnic groups. One group consists of Flemish speaking people whereas the others speak French. As a result you will find Belgian names to have varying roots with regards to their origin.

Belgian Boy Names

Belgium has an exhaustive list of names for boys because of the fact that they take their names from different origins. Amongst the most popular Belgian boy names is Adelbert of German origin. This popular name translates as “nobly bright” and hence is a very virtuous name to give to your baby boy.

The Belgians also have certain boy names having Latin origins such as Aimeus. This different sounding name translates as lovable and is another commonly heard name in the Belgian culture.

Bernard meaning brave and Boudewijin meaning bold are other Belgian boy names of German origins. Certain Belgian names are used for boys although they have an effeminate feel to them. Example includes Carel which actually means free man in English.

You will also be able to find Belgian names of Greek origins such as Christof meaning Bearer of Christ. Such names have obviously crept into the Belgian culture due to their adherence to the Christian faith. Christianity also brought with it names with Hebrew origins such as Jens. This Hebrew name for boys meaning God is Gracious is quite popularly found amongst the Belgians.

Milan is one of the rare Belgian boy names of Czech origins. This unique name translates as beloved in English. Nicolas, Paul and Pepijn are other popular Belgian names for boys.

Belgian Girl Names

The library of Belgian girl names is perhaps even more extensive than that of Belgian boy names. It consists of beautiful names from German, French, Hebrew and Greek origins.

There are however certain Belgian girl names that do not have meanings as pretty as they can sound. Take for example the Belgian girl name of Hebrew origin Milou. The unique sounding name actually translates as bitter! Nelleke of Greek origin also has a unique meaning which not many people would be comfortable with naming their daughter as it translates as horned.

Amongst the beautiful Belgian names with virtuous meanings is the name Adelgonde. This beautiful name of German origins means noble warrior and is mighty popular amongst the locals. A short and sweet Belgian name for baby girls is Anais. This Hebrew name has definite religious leanings as it translates to mean Grace. Brunhilde is another unique and long Belgian name for girls. This unorthodox name means battle armor.

The Latin name Clara is a simple and common name amongst the Belgians. It takes on the meaning of bright. Edmee is a rather different sounding Belgian name which is actually of English origin and means prosperous. Other common Belgian names for baby girls include Els meaning God is a vow, Farahilde meaning travelling and Goodeleva meaning good life.

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